NFL Star: Black Lives Don’t Matter When Politicians Enable Generational Dependency

New Orleans Saints’ tight end Benjamin Watson used his Facebook account Tuesday to call attention to his views on the Black Lives Matter movement. A view that is critical of abortion, fathers who abandon their children and politicians who “enable generational dependency.”

Watson, the author of “Under Our Skin: Getting Real About Race – And Getting Free From The Fears and Frustrations That Divide Us,” is using social media to link people to a blog post where he discusses his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Some contention is with the very phrase itself. This is problematic, though, because ‘black lives matter’ in context is clearly comparative to them not mattering. It obviously does not exist in a vacuum thus a response of ‘all lives matter’ is disingenuous at best and outright insulting at worst,” Watson’s blog post from late August reads. “It SHOULD go without saying that ‘all lives matter,’ including black lives, unborn lives, elderly lives, affluent and poor lives, Christian and atheist lives. But, today, in light of our present societal struggles and racial tension the question is worth addressing. As Americans, do black lives matter to us?”

Later in the post, the outspoken Christian athlete focuses on some of the ways he feels Black lives don’t and do matter in this country. Here are some selected excerpts: . . .

“Black lives don’t matter when some politicians enable generational dependency, stifling individual responsibility while others completely deny the importance of programs that are needed to help the marginalized. A crutch is the vital friend of the injured, it’s ultimate purpose to one day be laid aside as it’s former dependent walks on their own. If it oversteps its purpose the user will no longer feel the need to walk. Erroneously, they may not even think they can ever do so. Consequently, a stagnant, hopeless life seems to matter less.” (Read more from “NFL Star: Black Lives Don’t Matter When Politicians Enable Generational Dependency” HERE)

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  • gracentruth

    Amen. Isaiah 9:10 Was that black woman in the news talking about the shooting in Planned Parenthood there to slaughter her innocent unborn black child? Planned Parenthood is the largest killer of innocent black children. Ant then they sell the body parts??? Do black lives matter? then stop Planned Parenthood.

    • wandamurline


  • brabbie2002

    Do black lives matter? Apparently not to them. Every cop show I watch has 99% of their criminals and murderers from the black community. Do black lives matter to me? All lives matter to me, but you blacks need to convince me that you are not on the road to self destruction and, so far, I haven’t seen anything that dissuades me from the facts that you are all hell bent on killing each other, breaking the law, causing mayhem, and blaming your troubles on everyone but yourselves!

    • facebook is Dero

      are you describing followers of Islam?

      • brabbie2002

        The descriptions fit, don’t they?

  • wandamurline

    The blacks do not have to TAKE the welfare checks…they could work two jobs like I did to have something….it is the victims syndrome that keeps these people on the plantation….it is not white’s fault….it is their own by the way they live their lives, teen and unmarried pregnancies abound and why the government does not make the fathers responsible for these kids is beyond me. If more were made to pay for the kids, this would begin to stop. These people want to be victims so they can play the game….tire of all of it.

    • Linda

      Agree, except for 1 thing. Some whites are at fault. Let me explain. President Lyndon Johnson started the so called “war on poverty” which was designed to keep them IN poverty. He said ” I’ll have those “N”‘s voting democrat for the next 200 yrs”
      Why should they work & make something out of themselves if they can get a free ride off your tax dollar.? It is a viscous cycle that only few of them have broken.
      They continue to vote for racist like hillary, who could care less about any of them. She is only interested in money & power.