What Does the Muslim World Think of Jews?

Earlier today, the political social media world erupted with universal sanctimony and outrage over Donald Trump’s comments suggesting the U.S. bar all Muslims from entering the country. Let’s put aside, for a moment, the problematic nature of Trump’s position in which he included citizens among those he’d exclude. Obviously, that is unconstitutional (exclusion of non-citizens is absolutely constitutional). The political elites are expressing moral outrage and righteous indignation over such an expression of bigotry.

Well, I just want you to consider the following two facts and juxtapose them to each other.

First, over the next 10 years, the U.S. is likely to admit over 1 million immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries. That does not include the well over 1 million from those countries who will likely enter on long-term non-immigrant visas, most prominently, student visas. And these are conservative estimates.

Now consider the following study from Pew Research in 2010 regarding views of individuals living in Muslim countries towards Jews which Mark Levin mentioned it on his show tonight.

Now keep in mind the state of Europe in regards to Islamic immigration and the increasing frequency of stories of racist treatment of Jews. Now pair this with the first fact listed above with regard to the source of America’s Islamic immigration.

Which immigration policy reflects true compassion, humanity, and tolerance?

Anyone who is not concerned about this trend and what it portends for American Jews is being sanctimonious and not concerned with actual tolerance.

The chart speaks for itself. (For more from the author of “What Does the Muslim World Think of Jews?” please click HERE)

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  • annie1945

    I don’t understand the outrage from Trump’s remark and the lack of the current crop of people running to be the Republican candidate not agreeing with it. When we were at war with Japan. We certainly did not allow them to come here. The same with Germany. The Muslim faith is at war with us. Their “bible” says to kill the infidels. We are the infidels according to them. This is not a faith of peace. It can not be so when their Quaran says to kill, Keeps women and children as slaves. How do we pretend they are peaceful? We should shut our borders completely for a few years and let everyone already here assimilate. We’ve done it before it’s time to do it again.

    • Bill Meeker

      Annie, what you are saying makes sense but the problem is the motivation behind today’s immigrants. It used to be folks came here for opportunity. They WANTED to assimilate and become Americans. Today, the primary reason for immigrating appears more to “get away from” their homeland. The majority have no interest in assimilating and are in fact encouraged not to. Soon, the US will have major sections of big cities that are unsafe to visit by traditional American “outsiders” as is the case in London and Paris. And our politicians on both sides encourage it. It seems that being un-American these days is very popular among Americans.

  • Joshua Bennett

    This is just stupid, both morally an economically. Trump isn’t just talking about immigrants, he is also talking about visitors/tourists. Over a million Indonesians come to America a year for vacation and business. Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world. The same with Malaysians. With them brings billions of $$ to our economy. That’s a couple million muslims a year from these 2 countries alone that come to America. Where is their “war”?
    If the muslims were at war with “us”, then we would see a war. There are 1.3 billion muslims in the world. Who is foolish enough to think they are all at war with us? There would be mass killings everyday if that were so.
    America is at war with middle eastern Muslims though, that is for sure. To reshape and control them.

    • SirGladiator

      Nobody wants to ‘control’ muslims, unless you count trying to get them to stop becoming terrorists. They can do whatever they want, and they can come to America all they want, so long as they’re peaceful. Trumpster’s ban is temporary, until we can make sure we’re not letting in any more terrorists like we did the woman who murdered all those people in California. You seem to imagine that you’re stating some profound and little-known truth when you say that most muslims aren’t terrorists, but the reality is everybody knows that. It’s the ones that are that we’re trying to keep out, the good ones can come in once we’ve got a system in place to weed out the bad ones, we obviously don’t have one now.

  • Linda

    Hell O has tolerated the barbarian terrorist way too much ! It is time to TERRORIZE THE TERRORIST ! How about we burn them alive, drown them in cages, take them to the beach & video slicing their stupid heads off ? While your at it, make them deny allah ! Send them to a meeting with their prophet moHAMhead ! Give them 72 pig genitals instead of virgins ! Either scare the hell out of them or send them to hell. Enough is Enough !

  • eagle keeper

    Problem is they have no real interest in assimilating into our way of life. Their sole purpose is to destroy our present way of life and everything we used to in the past hold near and dear. Trump is right on when he says we have to take a hard line with these infiltrators. As far as how they view Israel? They want to wipe it off the map. BUT take a look at the powers and principalities over the eons that have attempted to destroy Israel, all have failed, why? THey are and remain God’s chosen people. So good luck Islam in trying to destroy them.

  • SirGladiator

    Have to correct the first part of the article, Trumpster’s proposal doesn’t have anything to do with American Citizens, don’t know why some people still believe the liberal media lie about that, no American citizens, muslim or otherwise, would be impacted in any way, this is about not allowing foreign muslims into America until we can figure out which ones are the terrorists and which ones aren’t.

  • Concerned

    It would be interesting to see the same chart that Mark Levin has shown above, but with the name Jew changed to Christian. For my family and me, I am afraid the percentages would not be dramatically different. America MUST protect our borders and our ideology, or we will no longer be a country. What is a country without borders?