WOW: Trump Just Got Unexpected Support from a GOP Rival – ‘My Money’s on Him’ [+video]

By Randy DeSoto. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee believes Donald Trump will be the likely winner against Hillary Clinton in their current exchange of salvos over sexism.

Huckbee said on Fox and Friends Monday morning, “Nothing’s backfired on Donald Trump yet. My money’s on him.”

“I honestly don’t think this is going to hurt Donald Trump,” the former governor added. “Every time that somebody tries to attack him, it comes and backfires on them.”

As reported by Western Journalism, Clinton accused Trump of “having a penchant for sexism,” in the wake of his remarks describing her loss to Barack Obama in 2008 as getting “schlonged” . . .

Huckabee, who successfully went up against what he describes as the “Clinton machine” in Arkansas to become governor, feels Trump has every right to mention Bill Clinton’s past, and Hillary’s complicity in it. “I think that the Clintons have some vulnerabilities here that Trump is seizing upon,” Huckabee said.

Bill Clinton was accused sexually harassing multiple women, and was impeached and disbarred for false testimony he gave in a sexual harassment suit involving Paula Jones. Hillary was reportedly actively involved in seeking to discredit the women who accused the former president of groping and other sexual gestures towards them to the press. (Read more from “WOW: Trump Just Got Unexpected Support from a GOP Rival – ‘My Money’s on Him'” HERE)



By Geoffe Earl. Donald Trump made good on his threat to drag Bill Clinton into the presidential race Monday when he accused the former commander in chief of “women abuse.”

Trump made the charge in a tweet on Monday after warning Hillary Clinton to be careful about accusing him of sexism.

“If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!” the Republican front-runner tweeted. (Read more from “Trump Just Hammered Bill Clinton – Again” HERE)

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  • Paul

    Go Trump! Every time anybody attacks Trump, he surges higher in the polls. Go ahead Hillary, attack him some more!
    Truthfully folks, it is really a sad situation when you step back and look at the entire picture. We have two parties at each others throat trying to discredit each other. Each calling the other “the enemy.”The irony is they are both supposed to be fighting for the people and not their parties. This means if you are a conservative or a liberal, you are the enemy of this government. WOW… truly amazing how easily government can separate a nation for their selfish gains. Enjoy it while you can.

  • Red Fred

    All he does is win.

  • bobgreen2009

    Attacking Trump is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire. To Bill and Hillary, you’re about to be fired by the head CEO that nobody wants to have to face. He’s got decades of practice (in NYC no less) in pulling men and women to account and when necessary has no problem firing them face to face. Bill and Hillary fight the coward’s way – flippant answers and knives in the back. Trump is full head on. Have fun.

  • bobgreen2009

    One other thing to say about Trump and his NYC experience – consider this: everybody in Manhattan pretty much has some kind of game going. Office politics are brutal and bare knuckled so to speak. Believe you me, every type of gamer and con imaginable has been dealt with by Trump and he’s been able to manage the lot to win success after success. I sincerely believe that the only thing that has drawn a fish this large out of the NYC pond is the fact that he knows a total turn-around is needed and he’s qualified to make it happen. DC Politicians don’t stand a chance face to face with him.

  • Naturalism

    Anyone who really believes Trump is going to be President can bet a dime and win a dollar, based on today’s betting spread.

    The fact that you aren’t all taking 10:1 odds means you don’t really believe he’s a serious candidate. Hillary, meanwhile, is trading at 5:3.

    • bobgreen2009

      I would never have bet that he would have lasted this long and most certainly wouldn’t have bet he would have a double digit lead over everyone else this far into the game. Crazy, huh?! I thought he was finished early on after the Fox hosted debate and the dust up with Megyn Kelly. Most people would have been. Seriously, if he’s in it to win it (unless somebody offs him) he’ll pull it off. Another caveat that could kill his chances – martial law and suspension of elections. Gonna’ be an interesting year, no doubt.


      • Naturalism

        I’ll give you 10:1 odds on Trump being elected, and I’ll give you 1000:1 odds against the establishment of martial law. Let me know how interesting you really think this year is going to be.

        But yeah, for sure, Trump has exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

        • bobgreen2009

          Well, thanks for the reply! Not a gambling man, but I, like you and many others, will be looking with utmost interest to see how it pans out. Truthfully, I figured Trump was using the whole thing as a reality show stunt but it’s looking more and more like he’s got the stuff to make it happen.

          • Naturalism

            Yeah seriously. My read on it is that it started out as a stunt and then he shot up in the polls and the ego trip carried him on. I can’t wait for the crash and burn, it could be historic. I still think the crash will happen before the convention, but if he actually makes it to the nomination then the general election will be spectacular.

          • bobgreen2009

            Wow, that sounds about right. Insightful analysis; but I might add that in the process of his ego shooting up and deciding to remain the course I think it’s really dawning on him that everything in his life has prepared him for this task. If you’re CEO of a conglomerate and you’ve got a division that’s gone way off course and nothing seems to work, you need a special type of person to go in there and turn it around. Somebody that can be that mean, ugly so and so if needs be. I think he’s that guy – he’s got the required skill set and he’s untouchable by all the standard means.

          • Flayer

            Which presidential candidate isn’t motivated by ego? You’ve got to have a big one to even consider running. I’m more interested in your ideas on Trump’s possible impending “crash.” How do you see that?

          • Batgrrll

            How do I see Trump’s crash? I still think he’ll falter during voting, but if not then he’ll arrive at the convention with a minority of delegates and all the others will band together to support a different candidate.

            If you think he’ll be the nominee, then I’ll tell you the website where you can come bet against me. I’m currently offering 8:1 odds against Trump getting the nomination, and 20:1 against becoming President. Let me know if you actually really truly think his candidacy can go the distance, to either threshold.

          • Flayer

            No thanks, not interested in wagers. I always wanted a scrappy fighter against the Dems who will stop at nothing to win. We can’t play by the Marquis of Queensbury Rules anymore. That said, I think Trump is a scarppy fighter. But as he’s never held any elected position we do not have a voting record to go on. On his side is a man who has actually build things, as opposed to Clintons and Obama who just figure ways to appropriate Other People’s Money or sell access. Well I’m more of a Cruz person but just want someone who can beat the Hildabeast, once and for all. So sick of her and so dislike that voice and fake smile, accents and words. I was just interested in how you thought he’d “falter.” We’ll know soon enough but if we don’t elect someone who attracts more than just “moderates” we’ll surely lose.

  • Arjay

    Isn’t the real story here Hillary’s rampant misandry?

  • Linda

    “Depends on what the definition of IS Is ” (billy boy)
    In the Bible God used a jacka$$ to warn someone. Perhaps Trump could be a modern day “jacka$$” I prefer a Cruz / Trump ticket.