Democrats Just Made a Huge Confession About Clinton’s Run Against Trump – This Could Be a Game Changer

Democratic Party activists are conflicted over whether Hillary Clinton can take on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump in the general election, with some fearing she provides too much ammunition for the flamboyant businessman’s style of attack.

While Mr. Trump is leading the national polls and calling the shots in what’s become a circuslike GOP primary season, Mrs. Clinton tops a sedentary Democratic race with two other opponents respectfully nipping at her without doing much damage — and party stalwarts are happy to have it that way.

“I hear a lot of people saying, ‘You know, I’ve watched the Democratic debates and the Republican debates, and they’re so different. I’m sure glad I’m on the Democratic side and they’re talking about the issues. They don’t always agree with one another, but they explain why,’” said David Allen, a Democratic Party leader in Barnstead, New Hampshire. “Democrats have resolved themselves to not go into a circus and tear one another down.”

But Mr. Allen said he does worry about how the eventual Democratic nominee will stand up to the sort of withering barbs Mr. Trump has dished out to his own side.

“We’re going to start to have to look at how the [Democratic] candidates play against Donald Trump, because he’s certainly holding onto his lead in the Republican Party, and he has certainly played the Republican candidates in a way that has hurt some of his opposition, and I think people are going to start asking, ‘All right, who’s going to stand up under his type of campaigning?’” Mr. Allen said. “If Bernie [Sanders] is the candidate, Trump will play up how un-American socialism is, and if Hillary gets it, he will dig up everything in the past 40 years and use it — and won’t mince words in using it.” (Read more from “Democrats Just Made a Huge Confession About Clinton’s Run Against Trump – This Could Be a Game Changer” HERE)

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  • reggiec

    There is a core portion in the Democrat party that will vote for either Hillary or Sanders no matter what they stand for or how riddled their background is with corruption, lies and illegality.

    I could not understand why until I read why Liberalism is a mental disease!


    “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political
    Madness” by “Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. Then I understood just how Liberals and their supporters think.

    It is absolutely frightening to realize that a substantial
    percentage of Americans are in fact mentally incapable of any logical thought.

  • Naturalism

    There are those who flap their lips with drivel, and there are those who actually mean what they say. People who actually mean it will back it up with MONEY.

    So, if you think Trump will win, or that Hillary will lose, or both, then put your nickel down. Come to the website where I make bets, and bet against me. (I don’t want to promote the website without being asked, so let me know if any of you are not just flapping your lips.)

  • Linda

    Don’t worry about hitlery ! obozo has no plans to leave the WH. Mark my words, if God does not intervene, he will declare martial law & call off the election.
    God have mercy on America BUT, Why Should He ? America has murdered about 60 million babies, elected a demon possessed president not once but twice. He turned his back on Israel, & promoted sodomy. America has lost her way.

    • wandamurline

      When he does that, he had better hope he has confiscated the people’s guns because that is when the Second War starts.

  • wandamurline

    Go Donald.