Donald Trump Just Announced Something Amazing About His Event for Veterans

By Maeve Reston. If Donald Trump had any second thoughts about skipping the GOP debate, he certainly didn’t show it as he took the stage before a raucous crowd at Drake University on Thursday night to say that he had raised nearly $6 million for veterans in one day.

For several days now, the pundits have pontificated about the damage that Trump’s decision could inflict on his campaign. But, comparing his crowd and the number of cameras to the Academy Awards, Trump waved off the notion that Iowans would see him as a sore loser.

“We love our vets,” Trump said.

“When you’re treated badly you have to stick up for your rights,” Trump added, alluding to his relationship with Fox. “And that’s what our country has to do.”

“We have to stick up for our country when we’re being mistreated.” (Read more from “Donald Trump Just Announced Something Amazing About His Event for Veterans” HERE)


Donald Trump: Fox News ‘Apologized’ Over Debate Statement

By Jeremy Diamond and Brian Stelter. Donald Trump said Thursday in an interview with CNN that Fox News “apologized” to him for a mocking statement the television network issued two days before the GOP debate.

Trump said that while the network “could not have been nicer” as it tried to woo him back into attending the debate, he would stick to his plan of holding an event aimed at raising funds for veterans’ organizations.

“I was treated very unfairly by Fox. Since then they’ve been excellent, they’ve been very nice, but it’s too late,” Trump told CNN’s Brianna Keilar in an interview Thursday night aboard Trump’s private plane. (Read more from “Donald Trump: Fox News ‘Apologized’ Over Debate Statement” HERE)

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  • gracentruth

    thank you, Mr. Trump. I support anyone who stands up to the lame stream media. Perhaps we the sheeple will learn a lesson from Mr. Trump. We don’t need or want the lame stream media. Peace,

  • bbb

    TV debates have outlived their usefulness, just like black and white shows. Youtube streamed Trump’s very nice tribute to our Veterans. A debate, if anyone wants to look it up in an old American Heritage dictionary, is an exchange of ideas, information and rebuttal to another person engaged in the debate process. It is not playing air-tennis with preening actors pretending to be journalists whose hidden agendas are showing like a price tag someone forgot to remove from a new garment.