FBI Declares Arbitrary Halt to Background Check Appeals

The FBI “temporarily” halted efforts to process denial appeals on background checks, thereby leaving up to “7,100” Americans in limbo as to whether the federal government will allow them to buy a gun.

According to USA Today, FBI Assistant Director Stephen Morris said the halt in processing appeals, which went into effect on January 20, became necessary because the number of Americans buying guns has overwhelmed FBI background check examiners.

But the NRA-ILA says halting appeals on background checks is equivalent to halting 7,100 Americans’ rights to due process. They suggest the halt itself proves how little gun control groups really understand what actually goes into a background check for a gun purchase . . .

It is demonstrable that delays for gun purchases resulting from this halt are the inevitable fruit of trading freedom for false security in 1998, which is when the Clinton administration inserted government between the American people and the exercise of Second Amendment rights via background checks. (Read more from “FBI Declares Arbitrary Halt to Background Check Appeals” HERE)

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  • Bill Meeker

    No, it’s not so simple as “denying a citizen’s rights to due process.” It’s denying 7,000 and counting citizens “the right to bear arms.” This is what happens when we agree to “common sense” but more restrictive laws that allow the administration in office to regulate who can or can’t buy or possess a gun. Today, under the Obama Administration, I challenge anyone to name a government agency that ISN’T abusing the law through regulation or policy and by now if anyone believes the rule of law applies to officials within these agencies, they aren’t paying attention.

  • SteveMacko

    Maybe they are realigning their resources to the investigation of Hillary

  • Thomas L. Dobbins

    Might get more background checks done if the FBI wasn’t sending so many agents out to shoot innocent Americans.