Franklin Graham Issues a Huge Warning to Christians – You Need to Read This

Last year, Franklin Graham joined James Dobson at an event in Colorado where the two warned against allowing gay people into churches because, according to Graham, they are representatives of “the Enemy” who wants to “devour our homes” and “devour this nation.”

On his radio program today, Dobson played excerpts from his discussion with Graham at the event, in which called for Christians to keep their kids away from gay people and to take over school boards across the nation in order to remove gay-friendly programs.

“We have allowed the Enemy to come into our churches,” Graham said. “I was talking to some Christians and they were talking about how they invited these gay children to come into their home and to come into the church and that they were wanting to influence them. And I thought to myself, they’re not going to influence those kids; those kids are going to influence those parent’s children.”

“What happens is we think we can fight by smiling and being real nice and loving,” he continued. “We have to understand who the Enemy is and what he wants to do. He wants to devour our homes. He wants to devour this nation and we have to be so careful who we let our kids hang out with. We have to be so careful who we let into the churches. You have immoral people who get into the churches and it begins to effect the others in the church and it is dangerous.” (Read more from “Franklin Graham Issues a Huge Warning to Christians – You Need to Read This” HERE)

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  • ramesaz

    Franklin Graham sounds more like the prophets of the Bible, calling out these sins for what they are, and warning people against them as Satan driven. Perhaps we need more of these kind of religious leaders. Of course it didn’t always work in the Bible either.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Yes it did, as Yhwh God intended. He gave us free will; the prophets in the OT were His spokesmen, pointing out the sins of the people and warning of the consequences of the wrong choices. Yhwh God NEVER assured the prophets then or now an easy path; or that others would listen to their words. Their only task was to speak to the sins, and let others decide what they would.

  • reggiec

    The lack of basic principles of ethics and morality that seem to be cornerstones of the liberal left are in many ways like Bermuda grass in a lawn. the runners burrow underground out of site and spread out till the whole lawn is infested.

  • Alrightalready

    Whatever you try, they threaten to sue for discrimination. Schools don’t have the money to fight these groups. The fight has to come from way higher up!

    • sandraleesmith46

      Does that mean we should simply roll over and let it happen? I don’t believe that’s what Jesus would do, or what He expects of us either. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world!

  • Paul

    The man is right. We turned away from God and God has turned away from us. God does not force people to worship or believe in Him, He gives us the option to chose and loves us enough to allow us to seek our own path. We alone have the power of choice; be it right or wrong. If you only knew the tears He cries for us when we make the wrong choices. Wouldn’t you cry if your child choose the wrong path? Even

  • sandraleesmith46

    SO true! You cannot invite a viper into your home and expect that it will not, at some point, bite you! Neither can you invite an agent of the Devil into your church, and not expect his evil to rub off. It was for this same reason that the already judged nations in the Promised Land were to be annihilated; that there were to be no treaties with them, and no pity even for their children, who were already infected by the sinful ways of their parents. Tolerance and apathy are close cousins, in this instance, and will lead only to disaster for those churches embracing this abomination! We were to go into the world to preach the Word, not bring the world into the body of Christ! Only when the sinners have repented and turned from their sinful pasts should they be admitted; and then not catapulted into positions of leadership!