Major Poll Admits How American’s Really Feel About Gun Control

As President Obama announced new executive actions on gun control Monday, a newly released Gallup Poll shows that “guns/gun control” ranked near the bottom of Americans’ most pressing concerns in 2015 . . .

According to Gallup, only one percent of respondents mentioned guns/gun control as a concern for most of the months in 2015, although mentions spiked to 7 percent in October and December following mass shootings in those months that dominated the news. (The overall average for the year was 2 percent.)

Americans were most likely to mention some aspect of the federal government in 2015 when asked to name the country’s top problem.

Sixteen percent of those responding listed Government/Congress/Politicians, and 13 percent chose the “Economy in general.” Eight percent said unemployment is the nation’s top problem, and for the first time since 2007, immigration was among the top four most frequently cited problems, mentioned by 8 percent of respondents . . .

Gallup noted that 2015 marks only the second time since 2001 that no single issue averaged 20% or more for the year. However, 34% of Americans named at least one of several specific economic issues — including the economy, unemployment, the budget deficit, inflation and others. (Read more from “Major Poll Admits How American’s Really Feel About Gun Control” HERE)

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  • usncb

    GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, People are the problem !!!! NO common sense, fear of an inantimate object, a girl peeing her panties at the sight of a firearm, those who don’t give a damn about the law and the mass shootings I’ve read about, after the shooter had a background and criminal check were all DEMON-CRATS !!!!!!

  • Willray

    Taking guns away from the general population is the goal of government, not for our safety but theirs and if they are so dumb as to believe it will stop mass shootings then they all must be smoking dope. Why is their lives ( all the bodyguards with loaded guns) protecting their life more important than mine. I still say if guns are so horrible then their bodyguards only need night sticks not guns.

  • Stanley Hill

    You better get everyone registered to vote and show up to vote in November or the 2nd Amendment will spiral down to nothing because of the cracks put in the foundation of the 2nd Amendment by Obama. Don’t forget it is the 2nd Amendment that protects all the other rights in the bill of rights.