Michigan Muslim Woman Releases Video Calling for This to Happen to All Jews… It’s Despicable

This Michigan woman must be one of those moderate Muslims we’ve been hearing a lot about. Scratch that, it’s the moderate Muslims she’s mocking. You know, the ones who don’t support stabbing Jews…

Allan disparaged Muslims who claim Islam does not allow stabbing attacks, accusing them of trying to be “muftis” and telling them to “go back to watching Turkish soap operas.”

Throughout the video, titled, “Is Stabbing Jews Haram [Forbidden]?” she notably used only the word “Jews” to describe the target of stabbing attacks, not “Israelis.”

Appearing to compare Jews to animals, she likened those who believe stabbings are prohibited under Islam to defenders of “animal rights – not human rights, but at best, animal rights.”

MEMRI reported that in 2012, Allan told Jordan’s Roya TV that she represented the State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) in the Jameed Festival in Jordan, a food and culture event honoring rural women.

The video appears to have been removed from YouTube, but you can see it here.

If you’re in the mood for a video that hasn’t been removed from YouTube, let us suggest Hammer Dropped: Ex-Muslim Woman BLASTS Government on Limiting Free Speech and Watch This Ex-Muslim Woman Utterly Destroy Islam.

Much like the story last week of the migrant rapist in Germany, the story here isn’t so much about what Lina Allen says, but the fact that she feels so freaking comfortable saying it publicly, on camera… with no fear of remorse. I know it makes us feel safer to think that this mindset is atypical in Islam, that it’s held by only a tiny, tiny, single-digit minority of Muslims.

It’s not.

This is not uncommon at all. But don’t take my word for it. Look to the laws of Islamic countries across the globe. Look to the statistics reflective of Muslim’s views on Jews and converts as a whole. Look at the statistics on Muslims who support Sharia law *(which, incidentally, isn’t all that friendly to the Jews). Let’s even assume for a second that only twenty percent of Muslims feel the way Allen does. That’s still a population that numbers in the EIGHT FIGURES! For contrast, the Westboro Baptist Church only has an estimated four and a half members.

Obviously, active terrorism is not mainstream Islam. Obviously.

But “moderate Islam” isn’t all that good either. Because what this woman espouses in this video, in contrast with even mainstream views in the Islamic world (in Islamic countries)… is actually still pretty damn moderate. Watch the video below to learn more about the myths and realities surrounding “moderate Islam.”

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  • mikecnj

    Michigan : this is what is on YOUR doorstep

    • Kent2012

      door step hell they are in the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, den, and the laundry….the only place they have not infected is the dog house…I think that all Real Americans should get and keep pot bellied pigs as pets…some for the front yard and some for the back yard..also all cities should have Porky Pig or Miss Piggy as their City Mascot…

      • mikecnj

        Miss Piggy as theirmascot : like it !

  • Charles

    OK American IDIOTS, keep on letting Mooslims come into this country, sooner or later you might wake up. Or wake up dead!!!

  • KurtofLA

    the NY Jews keep voting for Communists like Clinton and Obama. Remember, Trotzky’s real name was Rosenzweig. But I see that it may have been “AKA Lev Davidovich Bronshteinborn” A good Irish name LOL

  • ivdad

    Revoke her visa and ship her back. Maybe AG Lynch can charge her with hate speech.

    • Kent2012

      never happen the hore in the government will never lift a finger to one of kenyan boyo’s hores…just think he wants to bring in hundreds of thousands more…I guess they ran out of sand and sea water over in rag land…

    • Charles

      I wish, but I don’t believe that will happen !!
      Ever heard the old saying “one hand washes the other” ??

    • deanbob

      Ms Lynch only cares about anti-Muslim/Islam hate speech.

  • Paul

    It is amazing how the main stream media and this socialist government has managed to brain wash our people into thinking Muslim terrorist is our problem and we must treat them with respect. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It is a Muslim problem not an American problem. Until such time that the Muslim population in our nation (and elsewhere) stands up and speak up against Muslim terrorism, they are ALL terrorists and will continue to be profiled by the American people as such. I admit without fear (for now) – every time I see a Middle Eastern person on the streets, I keep a close eye on them. Sorry, but that is what we the people must do to protect ourselves; our government is not doing anything to protect us.