Obama Just Got Caught Red Handed at His Gun Speech- He Thought He Could Slip It by, Then…

Twitter lit up Tuesday after President Obama made the claim that violent felons can go online and buy weapons “with no background check, no questions asked.”

The assertion came as part of a lengthy address from the East Room of the White House on the executive actions Obama is taking to increase gun control in America.

Gun-rights advocate and radio talk show host Dana Loesch was quick to call out the president on his claim.

In the article she linked, Loesch points out that those purchasing guns online must go through the same background checks as those purchasing them at retail locations:

Background checks already exist for purchases made online…When you purchase guns online they aren’t shipped to your house like an Amazon delivery. They must be shipped to a FFL [Federal Firearms Licensed dealer] where you then go, fill out a 4473 [Firearm Transaction Record], get your background check, and if cleared you can take it home. Period. This law already exists . . .

In an interview with Townhall, Lars Dalseide, with the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action confirmed Loesch’s statement. “When it comes to online sales, guns can only be transferred to the buyer through a federally licensed firearms dealer – that’s the law,” Dalseide said. (Read more from “Obama Just Got Caught Red Handed at His Gun Speech- He Thought He Could Slip It by, Then…” HERE)

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  • Charles

    Most Democrats will take the Presidents word and not do any fact checking for themselves.

  • MASR53

    Obama successfully accomplished what he wanted.
    He fed lies to the government-educated, PC mainstream media reliant ignorant masses and that is what they will believe until they hear further from their dear leader.

    • wandamurline

      No, their familes work for him…he owns them

  • Loretta

    It’s surprising how many still believe what he says and does. How many people who shouldknow better bought into the tears thing. And lies spill out of his mouth continuallly

    • Barbaree

      What a phoney baloney he is!! Fake tears for sure. It was downright embarassing!

      He’ll try any trick in the book to disarm us. That is the ultimate plan, no matter what the libs say. They want the country totally disarmed to better have the muslims/marxists take over. That’s the only way.

      • Wild Biker Bill

        Tears from this President are tears of laughter that a large percentage of people/suckers still buy his schtick.

  • Mobties

    One assumes that the “teleprompter in chief” was not speaking extemporaneously.

  • cantonst

    A day without Obama lying is like a day without sunshine!

  • Nate

    Anyone who’s purchased online, myself included, knows this to be true. The other thing we know to be true is that he is a skilled liar. Someone else said it already, this wasn’t an impromptu speech ‘from the heart’. These lies were written and rehearsed. That so many Americans are willing to believe his propaganda, IMO shows this country is ripe for a communist takeover.

  • Mark

    All good points in the previous posts. It’s amazing how Obama wordsmiths and twists his discussions. Only the stupid and ignorant still believe or even listen to him (and that amazes me too). His little story about his wife wanting to own firearm if they lived in a rural area, and having a shotgun of rifle was a good choice for protection. What about those living in an urban area where carrying a rifle and shotgun is very impractical. Take Chicago for instance. An area with the toughest gun laws in the nation and one with the highest incidents of shootings and violent crimes. Those statistics themselves just don’t add up for me. Obama is such a disingenuous individual he boarders on outright evil.

  • B33r1sg00d

    Our forefathers had to decide between Freedom and Order, they are natural born enemies and some balance needs to be given to both…they by and large chose Freedom and Capitalism…failed cultures will always turn to Order and Socialism because they’re incapable of peace and hard work…just look at the ghettos, barrios and trailer parks where welfare is the norm and crime is the economy. Sure, they want a do-over…they don’t want to learn from the successful, they want to emulate the simple, lazy, self entitled. The logical outcome is Hitler, Stalin and Tojo.

  • Ldedwards

    I turn the sound off when he speaks. His voice is like wet chalk to me. Plus, nothing he has to say is genuine or truthful. He’s like a deadly virus on our nation. Hope we survive the Antichrist’s final year.

    • Barbaree

      I can’t stand the sight of him, and switch the station as soon as he comes on. I can’t stand his ugly, lying face.

  • con_c_kwense

    This loathsome, traitorous muslim has NEVER spoken the truth….his entire existence is a LIE…yet pundits are STILL surprised when he exposes himself, again? I think he’s trying to out-do the clinton hag as the most despicable, demented democrat liar….and why do people still refer to him as “president”? Unless you’re a muslim, a homosexual (or other sexual deviant), a black supremacist thug, an illegal alien jihadist or a just your run-o-the-mill drug-soaked deadbeat, he is not YOUR president.

    • Armycombatvettr

      He is and has been a Muslim plant, an impostor and the democratic party is guilty of treason for not vetting this POS. He was never properly vetted by any states secretary of state and the submission by the democratic party to every states attorney general left out the required sentence that their candidate is constitutionally eligible to run for the office. The only state that the received the proper submission was Hawaii! Without that sentence a candidate cannot be legally placed on the ballot. The greatest act of campaign election fraud in American history! Were have an impostor in the White House and the nation’s commander in chief is a teleprompter! The word “my muslim faith’ exited his pie hole of a recorded video when he was running for the senate admitting that he wasn’t eligible for the White House! The evidence is overwhelming as is the lack of the release of all documents as required to support eligibility like a real born in America BC, a real not doctored selective service registration, all school records, a real not stolen SS# not several of them and these are just the tip of the iceberg! There is a palpable hatred for America exhibited by both he and his supposed wife who have been selling America out to our enemies from day one. Ask the Egyptians about him. They will tell you he has funded and helped birth the muslim brotherhood and has also aided in the formation of ISIS with our dollars! All of this is just a small piece of the treasonous puzzle aided and abetted by Congress and the judiciary……..traitors the lot of them!

      • Barbaree

        He and his “wife” admitted to participating in flag burnings! A president of the United States burning an American flag! Unbelievable!!

  • Daddy Kickass

    He is almost as big of a LIAR as Hillary. Is that possible?

    • Wild Biker Bill

      It’s a reverse competition: Who can sink lowest the fastest.

  • GroverMax

    Wait… No place to hide an onion, or other tearing agent, for more Fake tears?

  • Justcuz

    It’s not like this is the first time he lied.

  • Linda Weitz

    If Obama opens his mouth you know a lie will come out.

  • mikecnj

    Safe bet : if Dear Leaders lips are moving , he’s lying

  • raynbene

    When does the gay muslime communist Kenyan b*st*rd NOT outright lie ?? One year until he finally leaves the outhouse !

  • pFeather

    Obama lies every time he opens his mouth and his followers believe his drivel. Obama is a mere fool, it’s his supporters that we need to worry about, they elected this moron and support his actions.

  • laboop

    Remind me again – isn’t obama “supposed” to be a constitutional scholar?

  • TruthSeeker

    “When Obama says Islam isn’t violent,
    he is using an age-old Muslim tactic known as Taqiyya.

    requires Muslims to lie when confronted about the truth of their doctrine and
    requires they deceive others so they might be able to gain a better advantage
    of establishing the caliphate.”

    If he is willing lie about the religion then it’s no big deal to him to lie about anything he wants, to accomplish his goal.