Obama Releasing 10 More Hardcore Terrorists in His Deadly Ploy to Close Guantanamo

By Matthew Clark. President Obama is relentless in his pursuit of legacy, throwing caution (and our national security) to the wind. Tomorrow his reckless Administration is set to release 10 more “hardcore” terrorist enemy combatants from Gitmo – the prison at Guantanamo Bay. . .

The security threats are escalated by the astounding recidivism rate of released Gitmo terrorists. Of the dozens of lower level terrorist detainees already released, 1 in 3 of these jihadist terrorists have ended up back on the battlefield.

For example, just last month Ibrahim al-Qosi, a former top bin Laden aid who was released three years ago after spending a decade at Gitmo, was discovered to have become a senior leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Releasing these battle-hardened terrorists only to have them plot and kill again is a dereliction of President Obama’s sworn duty to protect America. (Read more from “Obama Releasing 10 More Hardcore Terrorists in His Deadly Ploy to Close Guantanamo” HERE)


Ten Detainees Leaving Gitmo in Bulk Transfer Today, Defense Officials Say

By Lucas Tomlison. The U.S. military is preparing a bulk transfer of 10 detainees on Thursday from its detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, two defense officials told Fox News.

The transfer, amounting to about 10 percent of the remaining prisoners, marks the largest group of detainees to be shipped out of the camp since Defense Secretary Ash Carter informed Congress in December his department would transfer a wave of detainees at the beginning of 2016. . . .

But the moves have heightened security concerns, as some of the latest detainees being shipped out were deemed medium- or high-risk prisoners. “All these guys are the ‘hardcore’ type; if not, they would have been transferred earlier,” said one official familiar with the list of those being transferred Thursday. . . . Right, now, there are 103 detainees remaining at the camp, and all have ties to Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups. (Read more from “Ten Detainees Leaving Gitmo in Bulk Transfer Today, Defense Officials Say” HERE)

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  • jrm55

    Our military needs to stop him immediately!

    • Paul

      You need balls to do that. Do you know of anyone in our military that has any? I surely can’t think of one. Besides, it would be racist if any of them did!

      • 4freedom

        The high ranking officers with balls to do anything have been relieved of command by Hussein, or Valerie already, over 200 of them.

  • 4freedom

    How many more Americans will die from the reckless abandon of Hussein.

    • Paul

      I know the answer – at least 100,000 more before they’ll think it is an issue! Wait… maybe it is 1,000,000 more. Whatever the answer is, we the people are expandable so long as politicians/government gets their way. This is the new American unless the people change it. I won’t hold my breadth since the people are more interested in free stuff instead of the well being of our nation. I wonder how they’ll feel when it all collapses? In the current path, it is when not if.

  • Centurion

    Barry is guilty of treason of the highest degree! But will our feckless Republican leaders put barry on trial? Of course not.

    • Paul

      Well stated. They cried when they didn’t have the majority. We heard them and gave them the majority only to be stabbed in our backs. That is why I will no longer support any politicians in the future, regardless of party. GO TRUMP!

  • William White

    Aiding and abetting the enemy, especially when it directly involves the untold destruction of innocent lives, rape and inslavement of women plus removal of our Bill of Rights and Constitution, is the ultimate act of tyranny against the people he is sworn to uphold and defend. That has more than been proven and merits as a minimum impeachment and for the destruction of American lives and property, already taken place and in the future, the maximum penalty under law (American law that is). Call it mass murder. That does not count for the multiple Constitutional laws that he has violated such as immigration, religious liberty, right to bare arms, and other liberties this Country was founded on and guaranteed to it’s Citizens. Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

    As my friend put it, welcome to modern day slavery and he is masstah Obama.

  • Linda

    i long to see the day when obozo , hillary, billy , eric the gun runner holder are in prison.