Obama’s Unconstitutional Amnesty: Spitting in the Faces of All Legal Immigrants

Illegal amnesty in the form of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA is currently being held up by court injunction), is one of the harshest forms of penalties for immigrants – many of whom are married to Americans – trying to legally come or stay in the United States. Legal immigrants are being penalized with longer wait times for loved ones to enter the country or to legally stay. President Obama flat-out lied that illegal aliens would be going “to the back of the line”.

What has been seen instead is that illegal aliens applying for DACA are able to receive work permits within 4 to 6 months while U.S. citizens end up waiting as long as 15 months to bring their children and spouses here. Under DACA, illegal aliens are also able to reapply every two years so that they will continually be able to stay here without fear of deportation. DAPA is President Obama’s expansion of DACA and is purportedly designed to allow illegal alien families to stay together. Neither of these options allow a direct legal pathway for citizenship.

When DACA was created it was the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), who had to handle the huge increase in workload. USCIS is also responsible for processing applications for United States Citizens seeking visas or green cards for their spouses and children needing to immigrate. While it seems that currently the USCIS has finally gotten the workload decreased back down to around 6 months for citizen’s spouses, DAPA will undoubtedly create much longer delays for US citizens.

The basic premise for Obama’s illegal DACA and DAPA is to allow illegal alien families to stay together as it is deemed impossible to deport all of the millions of illegals currently in-country. Obama has maintained that it is most important to prevent crossings at the border and to deport illegal aliens who are dangerous and just let the others stay legally, even though he really isn’t even doing that. This is similar to the same type of reasoning Presidents Reagan and Bush used in order to legally allow millions of illegal aliens to stay. However, history has shown that those programs did not prevent millions of more illegal aliens from coming here. In fact, after Reagan’s and Bush’s amnesty, even more illegal aliens came to stay because of the obvious precedent.

Most illegal aliens enter this country primarily for economic reasons. Whether or not we can deport the millions of illegals from the U.S., it should be a top priority to eliminate all incentives for illegal aliens to come and stay here. I have personally met illegals working on farms who regularly travel back to their home countries during winter. However, Obama’s new programs incentivize these agricultural workers to bring their entire families here illegally. The hordes of illegal alien children coming here recently are undoubtedly due in large part to President Obama’s DACA.

DACA is rewarding the illegal aliens for their original unlawful behavior. Meanwhile, relatives of law-abiding Americans who would like to come legally have to bear the burden of staying for years in their country of origin waiting for their permanent visa. If they had come illegally, they would have been able to spend those years with their families and earn more money than they could back home. The end results for both paths are similar as those with DACA can still apply for their green card through marriage to a United States citizen and this is much easier if they are already living here illegally. Obviously, this unlawful behavior should not be rewarded with amnesty. If we truly want our legal immigrants to be at the front of the line, as President Obama has falsely promised, then his illegal amnesty programs must first be terminated.

Here’s my personal story: I have family members who have waited nine years in their country of origin to get a green card. They would have jumped at the opportunity to live those nine years in the United States with their family members that are already here. Had they chosen to break US law, they could have been here with their families for almost a decade and then qualified for Obama’s amnesty. Instead, by respecting our laws they are now rewarded with even more delay: Obama’s illegal DACA undoubtedly caused one of my in-laws to wait several more months for a green card than she otherwise would have.

The uncomfortable truth is that illegal alien families should be forced to go back to their country of origin. Instead of blaming American laws, illegal alien parents should look in the mirror, realizing that their actions have caused, or will cause family separations. It is not the responsibility of the United States to keep illegal alien families together. Also, any person who chooses to marry an illegal alien should realize the risks that are involved. Illegal aliens need to be held responsible for their actions and not demand that the US give them special rights for their unlawful behavior. It is a slap in the face to the law-abiding immigrants attempting to become part of this great nation the right way.

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  • Paul

    The socialist Dems are only concerned with future Dems votes. Those already here legally are not a priority. If they complain about it, Obummer will just give them free cell phones and they’ll shut up. It’s all good.

  • RWS

    I remain amazed that our governments in general and Congress most particularly have done nothing to prevent the continued invasion of the United States by people who prove they cannot govern themselves, and thus cannot form part of a peaceful voluntary society.