Right After Fox News Announced Debate Lineup, Trump Campaign Makes HUGE Announcement

By B. Christopher Agee. Though his son predicted the opposite during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed later that day that he will likely skip Thursday night’s debate.

“I think ultimately he’ll be there,” Eric Trump said of his father, despite the candidate’s prior insinuations otherwise.

Since the first presidential primary debate, which, like the next one, was hosted by Fox News, Trump has nursed a very public feud with network anchor Megyn Kelly.

Earlier this week, Trump revealed he had considered boycotting the upcoming debate due to the Kelly File host’s inclusion as a moderator.

“Well, I’m making a decision,” he said at the time. “I think [Kelly is] not a professional. I don’t think she’s a very talented person. I don’t think she is a good reporter. I think they could do a lot better than that.”

Following Fox News’ release of the official prime-time debate lineup, once again set to feature Trump behind a center-stage podium, the unconventional front-runner told a crowd in Iowa that he is leaning toward skipping Thursday’s event. (Read more from “Right After Fox News Announced Debate Lineup, Trump Campaign Makes HUGE Announcement” HERE)


Cruz Challenges Trump to One-On-One Debate

By Ben Schreckinger. Ted Cruz criticized Donald Trump’s withdrawal from Thursday night’s presidential debate and challenged the businessman to debate one-on-one in the coming days.

“Give the Republican primary voters the right to see a fair and policy-focused debate, not simply insults,” Cruz said on the Mark Levin radio show Tuesday night.

He proposed a 90-minute debate to happen before the Iowa caucuses on Monday.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump said at a press conference here that he would not participate in Thursday’s Fox News debate because he believes co-moderator Megyn Kelly is biased against him and because he found Fox’s response to his concerns childish.

Cruz said that decision cast doubt on Trump’s ability to serve as commander in chief. “If he thinks Megyn Kelly is so scary what exactly does he think he’d do with Vladimir Putin?” asked the senator. (Read more from “Cruz Challenges Trump to One-On-One Debate” HERE)


Trump Says He’ll Cut Deals With Pelosi, Schumer

By Sandy Fitzgerald. Donald Trump Tuesday morning said he believes he’ll be able to cut deals in the House and Senate, as he’s always had a good relationship with key Democratic lawmakers like California Rep. Nancy Pelosi, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, and outgoing Nevada Sen. Harry Reid.

“It’s wonderful to say you’re a maverick, and you’re going to stand up and close up the country, but you have to get somebody to go along with you,” the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, taking a dig at his nearest rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. (Read more from “Trump Says He’ll Cut Deals With Pelosi, Schumer” HERE)

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  • MikefromNC

    When Kim Jong Trump doesn’t get his way, he throws a hissy fit. What a great leader he’d be.

  • Thomas Underwood

    Republicans have got to stop using liberal moderators whose agenda is to further Democratic causes. Bravo Donald!

  • Thomas Underwood

    I think Obama’s grandmother was the debate host for one of the debates between Romney and Obama. Stupid.

  • cantonst

    Even though I will vote for Cruz, I think Trump is right on this…especially since further primary debates are a waste of time. Other than their personalities, I haven’t really learned anything from the past debates. All have been poorly formatted and manned with agenda driven moderators. I would much prefer the town hall style format recently used for the Democrat candidates. One candidate at a time with each having 30 uninterrupted minutes with an unbiased moderator. Wouldn’t work with Trump though…he’s not going to give specifics.

  • bellez

    You can’t learn anything from stupid debate..they are entirely used to rile up candidates ask impertinent questions,get candidates fighting each other..People need to spend lots of time researching candidates, records, issues and then research the research, don’t accept one article as gospel because journalists tend to be liberal and biased as well

  • Linda

    Trump changes his mind like a woman on her monthly period. Does he sound like a man who could deal with evil around the world ? Is he afraid to face the questions ?

    • sandraleesmith46

      Except women only have that about 1 week a month; with him it’s perpetual!

  • Naturalism

    How the heck does the Republican party hold together? It is clearly two different parties. They have quorumed under the banner of “small government” for sixty years, but that slogan really breaks down to two mantras: “don’t help poor people” (the oligarchs) and “don’t help brown people” (the racists).

    That worked a lot better when poor people and brown people mostly overlapped, but in the last 60 years the economy left behind a heck of a lot of white people. Now those white people still want “don’t help brown people” but they no longer like “don’t help poor people”. Trump is the first modern candidate willing to wear his racism openly, and that has overweighted the fact that nothing else in his candidacy is even the slightest bit conservative.

  • G03Maxine

    Okay! So the big bombastic, blubbering baby, wasn’t able to bulldoze FOX on how to play the game, with brand new rules, according to the way the Ducking Don demanded it be played … or else!!! Long story short? FOX refused to properly obey and genuflect before the Ducking Don … and so (as he threatened) he picked up his marbles and went off in a huff!
    So … along comes Ted Cruz … to make things easier for the cry baby! Cruz challenges him to a one-on-one debate (on the issues) … so that Iowans can have the opportunity to judge for themselves who they will be voting for on Monday!
    Realizing in advance, that the cantankerous, and cranky, Ducking Don will likely throw another tantrum … since he doesn’t like moderator Mark Levin either … both Cruz and Levin bent over backwards … in order to remove any and all objections (and obstacles) … by offering that the debate be just between the Ducking Don and Cruz alone … with Levin keeping out of it altogether (other than, in the beginning, laying down the ground rules for both candidates … and only for entering to announce when it’s time to go to a commercial break).
    So! Will Ducking Don have the courage (and the decency) to come back and give Iowans the respect they deserve … by giving them the opportunity to learn more about each of the two leading candidates? Or … does he fear Cruz (and talking about real issues) … as much as he fears Megyn? Stay tuned!

  • sandraleesmith46

    Skipping the debate, not so much; however, his open admission about willingness to “make deals” with Pelosi et al is DEADLY! The truth always comes out; and anyone with a lick of sense KNOWS Pelosi et al do NOT make “deals”; that simply means full capitulation to the DEMS’ agenda!