Shocking Truth About Trump and 9/11 Charities Revealed – He Wants This Kept Quiet

By Randy DeSoto. Donald Trump, who played the “9/11 card” against Sen. Ted Cruz during last week’s Republican debate, reportedly was not very charitable in the aftermath of the attacks towards his fellow New Yorkers–but the campaign disputes these findings.

As reported by Western Journalism, when Cruz accused Trump of having New York values that do not resonate in Iowa, the candidate responded, “New York is a great place. It’s got great people. It’s got loving people, wonderful people. When the World Trade Center came down, I saw something no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than New York.”

According to RedState, though the billionaire candidate spoke eloquently about New York values, he did not open up his wallet to give to charities supporting the victims of Sept. 11.

RedState cites the Foundation Center, which released a report in 2003 chronicling the “unprecedented outpouring of charitable support that followed the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.” The conservative blog found that the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation was not among the listed donating charities. (Read more from “Shocking Truth About Trump and 9/11 Charities Revealed – He Wants This Kept Quiet” HERE)


Red State’s Eric Erickson Weighs in on Trump

By Eric Erickson. I like him personally. I’ve been to his office. I’ve observed him privately dealing with his staff and people coming inside his building. He is personally, when the cameras are turned off, an incredibly gracious person. I know many people who do not believe that because all they see is the public Trump, but when the lights are down, the cameras are turned off, and Donald Trump, not “The Donald”, is present, he’s a good guy.

Not only that, but as I’ve mentioned before, Trump Hotels are some of the best I’ve ever stayed in. I try never to miss an opportunity to stay in the Trump Chicago and the Trump Hotel on Central Park has generated fond memories for my family.

Donald Trump is not my cup of tea as a candidate. I’m more into candidates who try to lift us to the better angels of ourselves and I do not think his campaign is doing that right now. Before I started writing about politics, I worked in politics. As a rule of thumb, I think anger burns out and it is tough to sustain over time. If Donald Trump really has become a conservative, I take St. Paul to heart that we should not put new converts in charge. He needs some time helping the movement before he leads the movement.

At the same time, so many of us, myself included, have been wrong about Trump’s appeal. I have tried to steer clear of the rank condescension towards Trump supporters because a lot of people have legitimate grievances against the government and Trump resonates with them. (Read more from “The Truth About Donald Trump” HERE)

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  • feadshipman

    Red State is going to become a real red-state if it continues to attack Trump, it seems to me that red-state wants to keep the old guard GOP-lite in charge, maintain the status quo, embrace the suck of the RINO candidates. Go ahead write all the hit pieces you want against Trump, he and his voters are going to dump you into the ash heap of history. Bye bye dead-state!

    • SteveMacko

      It is very difficult to claim Cruz as old guard GOP-lite, who will maintain the status-quo, or be referred to as a RINO candidate. Trump, however, has a lot of Democrat credentials in his past. Admittedly pro-choice; for universal health care and single-payer, referring to health care as a “right;” was for gun control; praised Bill and Hillary prior to his running for President; was soft on illegal immigration; used to self-identify as a Democrat; gave money to Democrat candidates; and very recently, has supported leftist ethanol subsidies to pander to Iowa voters.
      I attended a rally where Trump spoke. I attended wanting to like him, and support him. I left feeling unsatisfied and not fired-up.
      What Trump says now, except for the ethanol subsidies, sounds good. But based on his past record, you have to be a little guarded.

      • LookingToFuture

        Reagan was a liberal Democrat before he changed to a Republican. Donald Trump has changed on many of the positions you mention above. Perhaps you should read his policy papers that he has released. His policies are the most conservative of all the Presidential candidates.

    • MikefromNC

      No, there is nothing in this piece that anyone could rationally claim supports the old guard GOP.
      You Trump folks should take just a minute and actually think this through. Like the writer said; maybe Trump has become conservative, but if so he’s a brand new conservative. So should a brand new conservative become the leader?

      • Callie

        The alternative is a communist or a confirmed liar/traitor #TrumpforPresident2016 #Hillaryforprison

        • MikefromNC

          No, the alternative is a true conservative. Cruz. Actually any of the other republican candidate’s are more conservative than Trump.

  • wandamurline

    So, he didn’t make a contribution….big deal. There are so many so-called charities out there that are blatant scams…..they spend more on their CEO’s and leaders than they do on the people that need the money….take the Clinton Foundation ….there you go. You have to do a lot of research these days to find out just what the charity does. If this is ALL the establishment has against The Donald, they need to just shut the heck up. This is just another reason that Trump is passing all of them….we are soooooooo tired of the lying corrupt politicians. I liked Ted Cruz until I found out about his loans from Citibank and Goldman Sachs ….not necessarily the loans, but the fact that he lied on the documents and tried to hide it. My definition of politics….poly is a latin term for many sided, and ticks are blood sucking insects. Need I say more….I think politicians (plural of politics) fits the definition, don’t you?

    • MikefromNC

      How about his 40 year record? Does that count?

      • LookingToFuture

        Reagan was a liberal Democrat before he changed to a Republican. Perhaps
        you should read Trump’s policy papers that he has released. His policies are
        the most conservative of all the Presidential candidates. He is a proven leader, knows how to negotiate, and is a successful businessman which is more than you can say about any of the other candidates in this race. They are all politicians with their hand in your pocket.

        • MikefromNC

          Most of what you posted is simply untrue.

          Yes, Reagan was a democrat early in his life, although he wasn’t liberal. So was my dad. The party changed and Reagan (and my dad) moved away; looooong before he ran for president. He had a very well established conservative record by that time. Trump has zero conservative record.

          Trump was still a democrat after Obama was elected. And he still supports big government ideas like government run health care.

          And your statement that Trump is the most conservative candidate is ridiculous. He isn’t conservative in the least, much less the most conservative. Seriously?

          But hey, go have another drink of Kool-Aid. It’s good for you!

          • Callie

            As long as the rest of us aren’t drinking the same crap your drinking, and we’re not voting for Sanders or Clinton, I’ll have another glass….

          • MikefromNC

            How about an actual conservative candidate? Or are you a moderate or progressive? Because that’s who you’re supporting.

          • SteveMacko

            I am surprised Trump hasn’t made another campaign contribution to Hillary. His record shows that he has given her $8,700.00 over the years, as well as money to Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Kristin Gillibrand, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, Frank Lautenberg, Tom Daschle, Charlie Rangel, Bob Kerrey, John Kerry, etc. In all fairness, he has given more money over the years to Republican candidates (62% to 38%) but it is interesting the Ds he has supported.

    • SteveMacko

      How about Trump sticking it to those who lent him money by declaring bankruptcy 4 different times?
      You also should look into the Goldman Sachs loan a bit more carefully. The explanation is that it was a clerical error. I have not read where Cruz lied, as you are saying.
      So at this point, if Cruz is the nominee, you will vote for Hillary because of Cruz’s error?

  • mikecnj

    Christians don’t sqwalk about charity : what do you think ?

  • greg stoddard

    One question for everyone here, if not Trump, who? Otherwise what’s the point criticizing him?

  • dufus

    Go Trump! Now they want to tell you how much money you need to spend, how conservative you are. They’ll soon tell you when you can go to the bathroom and how much you are allowed to deposit. They are so afraid of you it smells to high heaven. We’re with you! Trump 2016!

  • George Pikoulas

    During a period fierce campaigning it’s common and easy to find weak points of those you oppose. In the case of questioning Trump’s charitable attributes, if the accuser doesn’t have access to his tax and accounting records how does he or she really know for sure what charities went forth from Trump during the 9/11 tragedy? Trump is known for his charity and assistance he gives others in need of help. Many of those acts are not documented on debit/credit or expense reports. This is unsubstantiated mud slinging based upon flimsy evidence and spurious assumptions. Come on, Joe. Is this is the best you can find to question Trump’s character?

  • Freightflyer

    You quote Eric Erickson, and redstate as your source? What a bunch of trash! If that’s the best you can do Joe, shove the rest of your blog where the sun don’t shine. Erickson is a super rino, so what does that make you Joe?

  • Steve Smith

    Trumps buildings are filled with millionaire non-profit charity managers, he knows they’re a ripoff, besides, survivors got more than a million each tax free

  • B33r1sg00d

    You Liberals are so desperate…I don’t like Trump at all, but, I’m going to truly enjoy watching him use his executive powers to put the inferior back into their place. Decent people should be treated well and fought for…but, you guys aren’t decent, you just hide behind principals meant for real Americans to justify being the scum of the Earth and it’s going to satisfy many to watch you crushed the way you have been for a thousand years and the way you should be for a thousand more you pathetic trash…

  • Russ

    Erickson is nothing but a low life piece of subhuman dung. Anything this moron says is probably a lye and so is his stupid web site. Unsubscribed from it months ago.