This Is Google’s Top Search (Hint: It’s About Hillary Clinton)

By Hadas Gold. Two of the top searched questions on Google for Hillary Clinton are likely not about the themes her campaign hopes to highlight.

“Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?” is most searched question on Google ahead of the Democratic debate on Sunday night. “Will Hillary Clinton win the nomination?” is second and “What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?” is the third.

For Sanders, the top question is much more positive. “Why is Bernie Sanders so popular?” followed by “Can Bernie Sanders win?” and “How old is Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders?” (Read more from “This Is Google’s Top Search (Hint: It’s About Hillary Clinton)” HERE)


Hillary: FBI Has Not Interviewed Me Yet

By Daniel Halper. Hillary Clinton claimed on CNN this morning that she has not yet been interviewed by the FBI in regards to its investigation into her email server. Clinton made the claim in response to a question from CNN State of the Union host Jake Tapper.

Watch here:

(Read more from “Hillary: FBI Has Not Interviewed Me Yet” HERE)

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  • liberty49

    Hillary is just as crooked now as she was when she was fired from the Nixon investigation, except she is ‘smoother’ at it than she was in the 70s, Look how she fakes a ‘southern’ accent, trying to appeal to all the idiots who voted for Bill. Bill sold our defense secrets to the Chinese and she sold her soul to the highest bidder when she was Sec. of State. They deserve each other, but America deserves much better.