This Might Be the Most Powerful Shot Trump Has Ever Taken at Hillary – It’s Not Anything He Said…

By Kevin Whitson. In what is becoming typical Donald Trump bravado, the provocateur is upping the ante on Hillary Clinton’s bid for president of the United States. The Desmoines Register reported Friday that Trump has rented out a movie theater at Urbandale, Iowa, and is giving away free tickets to the new film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.

“Mr. Trump would like all Americans to know the truth about what happened at Benghazi,” said Trump’s Iowa campaign organizer Tana Goertz. The film, which does not directly mention President Obama or Hillary Clinton, is based on the actual events that took place in Benghazi, Libya when Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and two former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were killed by terrorists on September 11, 2012.

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Hillary Clinton Defends Donald Trump

By Donovan Slack. He has said she “lies like crazy” and has “caused tremendous death.”

She has said he has “a penchant for sexism” and dinged him for “bigotry” and “bullying.”

But there is apparently one thing on which they agree: New York is awesome.

Hillary Clinton on Friday issued a personal tweet defending Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump against criticism from Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that Trump isn’t conservative enough because he has “New York values.”

Trump, Clinton tweeted, “just this once” was right when he came to the defense of New Yorkers. (Read more from “Hillary Clinton Defends Donald Trump” HERE)

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  • gunnerv1

    I want to see her Head on a Pike with an Indictment stuffed in her mouth outside the doors to the House Chambers as Trey smears her blood on his face while screaming “Eric, Lois, Huma, get in line, you’re next”!

    • mikecnj


      • gunnerv1

        Only if viewed in the right light (preferably in a SUNset law on her life expectancy) other than that, it’s just an Ugly Landscape (much like “The Scream”).

        • mikecnj


          • gunnerv1

            That’s a quote from me also, the first time I saw “Keg Legs”.

          • mikecnj

            Oh so laughing : keg legs

          • Daddy Kickass

            Me too! Keg legs and a pumpkin ass.

  • wandamurline

    Ambassador Stevens was running guns from Turkey through Libya to the Syrian rebels (terrorists) behind Congress’s back….he had to be left so that he could not testify to Congress that it was sanctioned by Obozo and the b!tch.

    • armycombatvet

      You are absolutely correct and he was meeting with the Turkish envoy that very night to effect the transfer the Lybian weapons cache through Turkey to Syria! Interestingly the envoy got out of there just before the attack ensued……….he knew! Our state dept. stood down and Billary lied like a rug while our assets located within an hour of the incident were told to stand down. This was an act of treason as our personnel were sacrificed for political expediency to coverup the overt illegal activity taking place in Libya and the reason for the take down Libya’s leader!

      • Linda

        Thank you for your service to our country ! I believe you nailed it.

  • mikecnj

    Kick her butt, Donald.
    Not like you could miss.

  • Barbaree

    “…diversity and tolerance…” — I’ve come to despise those words. Yeah, diversity and tolerance — except if you’re of color or a woman who’s conservative, and of course, a white male!

  • bbb

    Why is “13 Hours” just a movie? What in God’s name is wrong with DC? Why must we see the truth only on video and yet find ourselves as helpless as the lowest rung caste populaces in third world countries in not getting justice and imprisoning all involved including Hillary, V. Jarret and B.O? A movie like this tells us NOBODY in DC gives a hoot for Americans and that no one who is in our military is any more than an expendable pawn in Governmental thugocracy gang games.

  • Kendrix

    If I an opportunity I’m going to see this movie.. God Bless our Country again. And defeat these DEMOCRAT.. TRADERS. HELL YES WE ARE MAD.

  • NoBamaNoMo

    I saw the movie yesterday. I found it to be riveting and intense. This is no low budget B movie hit piece. This is one hell of an action movie, extremely well done, unbiased and factual. The 2 slime balls Obama and Hillary are not even mentioned in it. I can only say: Go see the movie. You won’t regret it.