Watch: Trump Just Raised a Big Question About Cruz’s Citizenship… But Donald Claims He’s Just ‘Looking out for Him’

By Lisa Hagen. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday said he’s unsure whether Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is a natural-born citizen, and suggested his GOP rival resolve the matter in federal court.

“I don’t know to be honest, and I like him a lot,” Trump said about Cruz’s citizenship in an interview on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Trump doubled down on his recent attacks, questioning the Canadian-born hopeful’s eligibility to be president. But the real estate mogul explained that he’s discussing the topic because reporters have brought it up . . .

Trump defended his remarks, saying that he’s looking out for the Texas senator.

“If Ted should eek it out, and I hope that doesn’t happen, and he’s got this cloud over his head, I don’t think it’s possible for him to do very well,” Trump said. (Read more from “Watch: Trump Just Raised a Big Question About Cruz’s Citizenship… But Donald Claims He’s Just ‘Looking out for Him'” HERE)


Donald Trump: Obama Tears ‘Sincere’

By Tal Kopan. Donald Trump says he disagrees with President Barack Obama on his gun control measures — but that doesn’t mean the President’s heart is in the wrong place.

“I think he probably means well,” the GOP presidential candidate said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday.

Trump was reacting to Obama’s speech on Tuesday announcing new executive actions on guns, including narrowing the so-called “gun-show loophole” on background checks . . .

The President grew emotional during his remarks, with tears falling down his face as he talked about the first graders massacred at Sandy Hook Elementary three years ago . . .

“I actually think he was sincere, I’ll probably go down about 5 points in the polls by saying that, but I think he was sincere,” Trump said. (Read more from “Donald Trump: Obama Tears ‘Sincere'” HERE)

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  • Lynn McCrann

    Cruz is NOT a natural born citizen for he was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban citizen father. He held dual citizenship up until his entry into the presidential race. According to international law he could claim tri-citizenship: Canadian, American and Cuban.
    Hypothetically – what if his mother got involved with Cuba’s Castro or Russia’a Putin and had a baby? Would that child be eligible to be president of the United States. What would be the difference?
    And if the issue is that the mother being American is the only criteria to be natural born then what does that say about Rubio whose parents were both Cuban citizens traveling with Cuban passports at the time of his birth?
    Cruz is legally a citizen of the United States but NOT a Natural Born Citizen. Natural born: born on American soil to American citizens. All others simply citizens if born to an American parent on foreign soil or to non American parents on American soil.

    • Walker

      Excellent, you are 100% right!!

    • MikefromNC


      There are only 2 kinds of citizenship; either natural born, or naturalized. There are no other categories that actually exist.
      Cruz was a US citizen at his first breath. He didn’t have to go through some process to become naturalized.

      Just because you made up a definition of “natural born citizen” doesn’t make it reality.

      • Lynn McCrann

        Rather than go through this again and again perhaps MIke, you should read the following:

        Rubio & Cruz Have Ballot Access Lawsuit Filed Against Them for Ineligibility
        Posted on January 8, 2016 by Tim Brown

        As we’ve covered before, both Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio are both constitutionally ineligible for the office of President under the Constitution’s demand that a person must be a natural born citizen. A lawsuit was filed in November that seeks to remove both men from the ballot.

        I’m not going to go back over the understanding of how one comes to the understanding of what a natural born citizen is. I link to them throughout the
        article and they are tied to what our founders
        read and wrote as the founding of the united States took place.

        The complaint was filed by H. Brooke Paige in the H.
        Brooke Paige vs State of Vermont Secretary of State James Condos lawsuit.
        Paige has no attorney, but has put forth the argument in a 45 page document and currently
        seeking signatures to get on the primary ballot.

        Interestingly enough, Cruz was never challenged when he ran for Senate in 2012 and he never disclosed that he was a citizen of Canada during that time, an act some have said is a commission of fraud under both Texas and US Election law.

        According to Dr. Rich Swier, “No one can say for certain, but I think it is a very fair guess, that had Ted Cruz disclosed to Texas voters in 2012, that he had always been and remained at that time a legal citizen of Canada, his Republican opponent, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, would have won that race and become the next U.S. Senator from Texas.”
        That’s probably true. And fellow Texan Devvy Kidd adds that the lawsuit will bring about two things:

        Standing will be challenged and; like so many other
        decisions by gutless cowards wearing black robes, the argument will be made it’s not the job of a Secretary of State to verify eligibility.

        Are we really to believe number 2? “I guess anyone can simply send in a form and get on a ballot for any office no matter who they are or even if they meet
        requirements for that office. Unfortunately no one
        challenged Cruz here in Texas,” writes Kidd. “This one got by most of us: Ted Cruz is in the U.S. Senate Illegally?”

        While many understand that Marco Rubio is nothing more than an anchor baby (except for people like Trey Gowdy), for some Ted Cruz is a bit of a different

        They like many things he has said and his stands on certain issues. I have been one of them. However, the fact is that according to documents that Congress issued within two years of the Constitution, we know that one must have parents (plural) who are citizens in order to be considered natural born citizens.

        Most of the time, I fail to hear any real argument to the eligibility of Rubio, but Cruz is a different story. The line goes similar to those who cover for Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah that his mother was a citizen and yada, yada, yada. But I reject that just as I do Cruz. Others claim, “Well if Obama can do it so can we.” As if one lawbreaker is license for you to break the law! Fools! One man’s lawlessness does not justify continuing to ignore and violate the Constitution just because the guy wearing your team’s jersey is doing it!

        These people do the same two step that Cruz did in an encounter with Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek, in which Svitek said, “I’m sure you’re aware that the Constitution requires the president to be a natural-born citizen, Don’t get this wrong – I’m supporting your candidacy – but I hope this doesn’t become
        an issue for you.”

        “I have never breathed a breath of air on the planet Earth where I was not an American citizen,” Cruz responded.
        Did you catch that? It’s sort of like, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.” Cruz did not admit to being a natural born citizen, but to being an American citizen. Well, so is every naturalized citizen. So?

        I discovered a great piece by Bruce McKay in which he writes:
        There’s ample indication, however, that members of the US Supreme Court have consistently taken the position that foreign born children of US citizens who acquire their citizenship by means of Congressional enactments are considered by members of the Court to be “naturalized citizens.”
        His evidence? He points to two court cases: Montana v. Kennedy and Rogers v. Bellei. “In the case of Montana v. Kennedy, the facts of the case were that Mauro Montana was born in Italy in 1906 to a father who was an Italian citizen and a mother who was a native-born US citizen,” writes McKay. “His mother
        brought him to the United States the year following his birth, he was never naturalized, and he resided in the US until he was ordered deported as an alien. His case came before the Supreme Court in 1961 which held that Mauro Montana was not a US
        He then wrote, “By contrast, in the case of Rogers v.
        Bellei, the facts of the case were that Aldo Bellei was born in Italy in 1939 to a father who was an Italian citizen and a mother who was a native born US citizen. Further listed as a fact in the case opinion was that he ‘acquired United States citizenship at his birth under Rev.Stat § 1993, as amended by the Act of May 24, 1934, § 1, 48 Stat. 797, then in effect.’ (The issue before the Court was whether Bellei was subject to losing his citizenship because he hadn’t fulfilled the statute’s residency requirements, but the point is that the Court considered him to be a citizen.”
        The only difference between the two individuals was the Rev. Stat § 1993 that passed in 1934 and allowed for transfer of citizenship to be conferred to children of US citizen mothers. Previously, it had only allowed fathers to transfer citizenship.

        McKay goes further to point to another case in a lengthy discourse that is worth the read. However, he comes to the conclusion that Cruz acquired his citizenship in a similar manner to Bellei.
        He then asks the most pressing question, “If a natural born citizen today is the same as a natural born citizen was in 1788, and if someone whose nativity circumstances matching those of both Aldo Bellei and Ted Cruz wouldn’t even have been a citizen until 1943, how, then could Ted Cruz be
        considered to be a ‘natural born citizen?’

        Answer: He couldn’t.”

        And this is what both of these men are up against. If the people had dealt with the usurper-in-chief instead of, in the infamous words of Oklahoma Representative Markwayne Mullins, not “giving a sh*t,” then we would not be at this crossroads
        where people who claimed to be Constitutional are more than willing to violate the Constitution so their guy can get in. It’s complete lawlessness!

        I think Paige will have a pretty good stand in all of this,since there is a clear presentation of what is a natural born citizen.

  • Paul

    I saw the clip and Trump was trying to point out to Cruz of a potential issue if he wins the primary. He was not trying to bash Cruz. I do agree that they are both competing for the position and Trump, very nicely, gave him a small jab. It’s all good.
    As far as the President’s tears, if you believe it was genuine, I have some ocean front property to sell in Wyoming for real cheap. It was pathetic and an out right lie. The issues remains as is – Obummer spends more time trying to punish the innocent gun owners while ignoring the criminals. How about harder punishment for gun crimes? What about enforcing the laws we already have? How about attacking the criminals and leave the innocent alone? Nope, you don’t hear anything on it. Obviously, his intention is to disarm the American people, slowly but surely. So long the people are armed, we are a threat to our government take over of our lives. That is the simple truth.

    • CSN

      Oblunder is not natural born either but he faked a birth certificate so the Dems call it all good. Crocodile Tears came from oblunder. This is the guy who likes partial birth abortion, and would veto any bill, like the born alive protection act, for babies born alive after failed aborticides. His tears are balderdash.

  • CSN

    I’m really astounded by the number of people, who call themselves Constitutional Conservatives, who are obviously self-serving, and who would have the audacity to state that Ted Cruz is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Ted Cruz is a Naturalized Citizen, but not a Natural Born Citizen, and unless Orin Hatch’s “Equal Right To Govern Amendment” is passed, which has never been done, it DISQUALIFIES a person born outside of the United States….Period! Even to qualify as “Naturalized”, his Mother would have to have been a citizen of U.S.A. for 5 years. This is all hyperbole and total baloney being spoon fed to Conservatives who don’t know any better. Mark Levin likes Ted Cruz, and so do others, but the qualification “is just not there”. Just because you call an Ace a Heart, doesn’t make it a Heart. It is not a complicated issue, but we’ll hear that it is, and even from those who we thought had some credence. Levin won’t take any calls on the subject because he knows he is wrong. He has the audacity to call us “BIRTHERS” who are quoting the Law. Prey tell…when was the , “Equal Right to Govern” Law passed? It was never passed, and for the same reasons we don’t want to dismantle the Constitution and turn it into the Communist Manifesto. Marco Rubio is also not qualified.
    My parents were both born in USA to immigrant parents, who came from Sicily on my FAther’s side, and from Norway and Ireland on my Mother’s side. I can qualify to run as President but my parents could not, because neither of their parents were American Born Citizens. They were both Naturalized and born in America, but Cruz not only was not born in America, but neither were either of his parents, with his Father coming from Communist Cuba.

    • Walker


    • MikefromNC

      Cruz’ mother was born in Delaware.
      Cruz’ is not a “naturalized” citizen as you falsely claim. He was a citizen at birth – hence, “natural born”.
      Your made up definitions don’t matter.

  • Marc Goldstone

    The next president MUST end the lawlessness perpetrated by the Democrats. It is therefore incumbent on the GOP to vet its candidates NOW as to their constitutional eligibility.
    Every sentient American citizen regardless of party affiliation knows that the usurper in chief clearly has not been good for our country and this is exactly why the “Natural Born Citizen” requirement was added to the Constitution. If the GOP ignores this constitutional requirement by not excluding both Cruz and Rubio from the Presidential race for cause this will prove that we really do have a corrupt one party system not a government by and for the people.
    Hey GOP, please do the right thing for a change and demonstrate that our party is better than and different from the Democrats.

    • MikefromNC

      But Cruz IS a natural born citizen.
      There are only 2 kinds of citizenship; either natural born, or naturalized. There are no other categories that actually exist.
      Cruz was a US citizen at his first breath. He did’t have to go through some process to become naturalized. He is eligible.

  • Vera Jones

    So links are not allowed. Okay. Alan Grayson, D from Florida said in news interview on Fox radio with Alan Colmes that he WILL sue if Cruz wins the nomination. That is what Trump was asked about and the media keeps cutting in half what he said and insinuating he started it. HE DID NOT. You can find transcript on Breitbart.
    Just to set the record straight.