Veteran’s 10-Year Old Daughter Repeatedly Groped by TSA – and It’s Caught on Tape

A Capri Sun juice pouch mistakenly left in a 10-year-old San Diego girl’s carry-on handbag led a TSA agent to subject the girl to almost two minutes of frisking and extra screening that lasted about an hour, her father said.

Liquids exceeding 3 ounces are not allowed in carry-on bags, for fear they might contain explosives, but the girl’s father said the resulting search was an over-reaction and an inappropriate intrusion.

Kevin Payne of Pacific Beach and his daughter, Vendela, were passing through the Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Dec. 30, 2015, headed home to San Diego, when U.S. Transportation Security Administration agents discovered the liquid.

Authorities followed up with a swab of the bag and a false-positive test for explosives, then a nearly 2-minute-long full-body pat-down in which a female TSA agent touched the girl’s buttocks and groin repeatedly. (Read more from “Veteran’s 10-Year Old Daughter Repeatedly Groped by TSA – and It’s Caught on Tape” HERE)

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  • nina

    looked like a 15 second pat-down video slowed down to 3:13

    • Mark

      I think the point you need to take away is, a 10 year old American female child with a Capri Sun juice pouch, is really not a threat and should not be subject to this level of scrutiny. Most people with common sense would agree there are others that pose a higher risk. Maybe TSA should focus on those individuals instead of Grandmas and babies.

      • wandamurline

        Had she been wearing a full Burka, they would have passed her on through….this is the problem…TSA is unconstitutional anyways. If the dad cannot sue TSa, he can go after the individual groping TSA agent.

      • deanbob

        I wonder if something about the father (veteran, Gadsden flag. US flag, etc) triggered a lefty’s response?

    • Concerned

      Who in the world trains these agents? This looks like a beginning amateur TSA employee, taking 10 minutes to do what should have been completed in less than 2 minutes.

  • J Alsup

    I have set off the alarm going through the machine three times last month. It showed the spots as ankle and groin and there was nothing metal or powder on any occasion. I got the pat down and it was a little too personal. I wondered at the time if every so many passengers it shows random spots to check. I have been checked before and the excuse was “You didn’t set off any alarm but since you are wearing a skirt, we are going to pat you up to the “point of resistance” and down.” I hope there can be some favorable outcome for this father and daughter–that was way over the top.

    • deanbob

      It might be a little more tolerable if the TSA were really effective. What a waste of billions of our $$$$. I have all but eliminated my travelling as a silent protest.

  • pFeather

    Idiocy on display. Good God just how ignorant are these people?

  • Kent2012

    yet the bumbling fools let entire plane loads of “visitors” to disembark and wander around America..