Watch: Trump Admits Greatest Weakness With 3 Honest Words That Will Shock You

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has, some might say, been bluntness personified when he comments upon the weaknesses of others. On Monday night, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked Trump to turn the focus on himself and share with America his greatest weakness.

“I never forget,” Trump replied.

He then critiqued himself dispassionately.

“When, you know, it is sort of interesting, I’ve said it, I’m too nice too long, and when…if somebody takes advantage of a situation, I become too bad for too long, so I think I maybe have to have a little bit of a shorter memory wouldn’t be so bad,” he said.

Later in the interview, he gave an example of when he has reaped an advantage from the kind of behavior he cited as a weakness. He was discussing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, when he made an observation.

“She came out with a little bit of a statement about me, and I came out with a very big statement about her and Bill,” Trump said, getting a laugh. “And she stopped talking about me all of a sudden.” (Read more from “Watch: Trump Admits Greatest Weakness With 3 Honest Words That Will Shock You” HERE)

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  • mikecnj

    Double, double, Donald !

  • Paul

    I hope and pray that Trump is the next president. If for any other reason than to show all politicians and the media that we the people are tired of their crap. After all, the damages politicians has done to our nation could not be worse than what Trump can/will screw up. REBELLION against the establishment baby, that is what we’ve come down to.

  • Barbaree

    Trump is the only hope we have.

    • Linda

      You forgot Someone. JESUS CHRIST IS OUR ONLY HOPE.

  • greg stoddard

    President elect…Trump..has a nice ring to it don’t it??

  • Nels

    Trump might be a lousy president. What a wonderful improvement that would be! The incumbent is, and the other contenders are, traitorous, destructive and anti-American.

  • Brian Artzberger

    Trump would be the narcissist in chief if elected. He thinks more highly of himself then many think of him. I’m delighted to see Trump crush the Republican Party establishment and RINOs, but he would make a poor president.