Watch: What Trump Just Said He’d Do on His First Day as President Got Even This MSNBC Host on Board

On Thursday night, as President Obama scoffed at the notion of gun rights for Americans and advocated the power of legislation to protect America, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised a far different action.

“I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools, and — you have to — and on military bases,” Trump said during a Vermont rally. “My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones.”

“You know what a gun free zone is to sickos? That’s bait!” Trump told the crowd. At a Republican debate in October, Trump had said, “I think gun free zones are a catastrophe, they’re a feeding frenzy for sick people.”

Trump’s Thursday comments on guns represented the polar opposite of the restraints Obama urges on the right to bear arms.

Referencing the recent attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Paris, Trump said both incidents might have been averted by an armed citizenry.

“They walk into a number of places in France, and they say, ‘Get over.’ Boom. ‘Get over.’ Boom. ‘Get over.’ Boom. Nobody had a gun on the other side,” Trump said. If the victims there were armed, he said, “It’s a whole different outcome. It’s a whole different deal.” (Read more from “Watch: What Trump Just Said He’d Do on His First Day as President Got Even This MSNBC Host on Board” HERE)

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  • quarkie009

    The blond lady!!! was fit to be tied when Scarborough made his statements on gun free zones. You could see daggers coming out of her eyes and she was ready to make a comeback statement supporting gun free zones and the poor harmless criminals that would shoot their victims on second’s notice. That shows you how lame brained/IQ challenged democrats/progressives/socialists really are.

  • Nam1

    The founders were the original anti/ anti-gun free zoners… The 2nd was their remedy.

  • wandamurline

    Has anyone really paid attention to the mass shooters …. the one from the Colorado movie house, the one from sandy hook, and the one from Planned Parenthood. These people have been brain washed….just look at them….hell, they don’t even remember what they did…..could it be a possibility that the CIA has brain washed these people and then sent them out with orders to do this mass murders? I put nothing past this POS president, and one question still remains, well two questions….where did the movie house kid get all of that body armor….and wasn’t there more than one shooter at Sandy Hook? And why didn’t the news report that the semi-automatic rifle was never used at Sandy Hook….it was taken out of the trunk of the car by THE POLICE. I believe that these were gubment sanctioned.

    • Barbaree

      Your theory makes a lot of sense. These mass shootings seem to occur on a relatively steady basis, and obama is always ready to pounce with his nonsense.

    • Armycombatvet

      From every piece of intel I’ve seen Sandy Hook was a false flag. There were videos of children supposedly killed in the school who appeared with their families after the fact alive and well. One with her family meeting with the impostor in chief! The whole scene appears to have been a set up. Some of the top experts who investigate these types of shootings have outed the whole event!

    • mikecnj

      You’ve got a good point, Wanda.
      As crazy as they looked.

  • Nels

    The more Trump shoots off his mouth, the more I like what I hear. Trump says the right things, and has the right enemies.
    There is some question as to how much he would really follow through on, while with the usual suspects there is no question at all: ruling class scum like Jeb! or Rubio or Cruz will do exactly none of the good things they might promise. Thinking that Trump might not follow through on some things shows how much better he is than the candidates who are guaranteed to follow through on nothing.

  • SF soldier

    Word is they were all democrats! No guns allowed for democrats! Yea!