What Migrants Did at a New Year’s Eve Celebration in Germany Exposes a Horrifying Truth

Just five arrests have been made by German police after central Cologne was transformed into a war-zone on New Year’s Eve, as an estimated 1,000 migrants celebrated by launching fireworks into crowds and sexually assaulting German women caught up in the chaos.

The sordid details of the horrifying sexual assaults and attacks made against ordinary Germans by large gangs of migrants in Cologne in the early hours of Friday morning are just now emerging.

Far from a small number of sex assaults reported to have been made by German speaking men in initial reports on New Year’s Day, dozens of women are now reported to have been molested and “raped”, while dozens more men have been assaulted and robbed.

One victim, 28 year old ‘Katja L’ spoke of her ordeal as she tried to make her way to the waiting room of Cologne railway station with two other girls and a boyfriend in the early hours of new year’s day. She told Der Express – one of the largest regional newspapers: “When we came out of the station, we were very surprised by the group that met us there”. She said the group was “exclusively young foreign men”. Keeping close to her friends, they pressed on:

“We then walked through this group of men. There was an alley through [the men] which we walked through. Suddenly I felt a hand on my buttocks, then on my breasts, in the end, I was groped everywhere. It was a nightmare. Although we shouted and beat them, the guys did not stop. I was desperate and think I was touched around 100 times in the 200 meters.” (Read more from “What Migrants Did at a New Year’s Eve Celebration in Germany Exposes a Horrifying Truth” HERE)

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  • mikecnj

    Germany : getting what they bargained for

    • girlofObecse

      Bargain for? are you nuts? Well start working, so we will not get what we are bargaining for in the US.

  • Bill Meeker

    Wow! Who saw THIS coming?! Well okay, everybody, but still it is very sad that German politicians dumped this on their citizens. Americans will soon express surprise when it happens in the US.

  • ijohnc1

    One would expect this from the guilt trip Germany has taken since Auschwitz, they are so paranoid they accept any and all dissention.
    Time for Germany to start knocking heads to protect their own citizens
    “A society that has become too tolerant, is in decline”…Aristotle

    • RWS

      An incisive observation, John. Innate German respect for the rule of law (and Hitler had been elected by a plurality) kept most from opposing Naziism through other than verbal criticism. We see the same here, in the States today.

      (From friends and distant cousins — one of my great-grandfathers was half German — I do hear that Frau Merkel has lost much of her support during the past year, but no sign of substantive change in implemented policies.)

  • pjk40

    Was this reported on any American news station? If not . . . Why?

    • Kent2012

      because it would make kenyan boyo, the ho clintoney, the rag ho that is the african pretender’s adviser, the rag ho that is the ho’s adviser, and all of the democrapo aholes in the congress look almost as bad as they actually are…

  • gunnerv1

    And yet Ms Merkel is set on allowing more into Germany. My wife and I use to take Boat Trips up the Rhine, but NO MORE!