Why Did the Pentagon Falsify Reports About Military Successes in Fight Against ISIS?

Republicans from the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress announced the creation of a special task team that will investigate the facts of distortion of data about the operations of the coalition in Iraq and Syria. The group will be to identify falsification in the reports, as well as figure out whether the problem is systemic in nature. The decision to create special group was adopted in November after more than fifty analysts of CENTCOM complained that their reports on the results of operations of the coalition against ISIS have been reduced in order to present the situation more positively.

Despite the fact that the preliminary results of the investigation must b? submitted only in January, Rep Jackie Speier has confirmed that the falsifications which underestimate combat capabilities of ISIS took place indeed. As one of such examples is the May statement of General Thomas Weidle, which said ISIS “loses and remains in the defense”. However, immediately after his speech, terrorists had captured the Central quarter of Ramadi, the administrative center of Anbar province. If American leadership possessed a clear picture of what is happening, it could take emergency measures and even prevent the ingress of arms, military equipment and ammunition to the hands of militants. The value of US arms and military equipment captured by jihadists equals hundreds of million dollars.

Indeed questions about whether we can trust the CENTCOM generals had to appear in October last year when ISIS captured supplies which US Air Force were supposed to delivered to Kurdish militia in besieged Kobani. According to the military press-release, in order to avoid capturing one of the caches which was blown by the wind from the place of destination, the military container was destroyed by the air strike. The rest of caches were successfully delivered. However, Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren reported that the two containers were lost on the route and only one cache was destroyed.

Moreover the military representatives thwart one another talking about the diversion of weapons into the hands of terrorists, they are confused about the total number of dropped containers for Kobani defenders (Warren reported about 28 containers, whereas previously said only 6). (Read more from “Why Did the Pentagon Falsify Reports About Military Successes in Fight Against ISIS?” HERE)

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  • Charles

    The Pentagon lied because that is what they were probably told to do.
    If they are Dumocrat , they didn’t have to be told.

  • wandamurline

    This goes to the White House and State Department..the military does what they say

  • Kent2012

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