Watch: Aaron MacLean Just Dropped a Truth Bomb on Liberals Who Support Islamic Immigration

Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Aaron MacLean said on Friday that liberals lack the intellectual framework to understand the current sexual assault crisis happening in Europe.

MacLean told Dierdre Bolton on Fox Business Network’s Risk and Reward that people like actor George Clooney and German leader Angela Merkel can’t comprehend why Germany is experiencing so many sexual assaults in the wake of an influx of refugees from a very different culture.

“I really don’t think what the American people want here is a liberal movie star, George Clooney, lecturing them about loosening their border constraints right before he goes into a meeting with the Chancellor of Germany,” MacLean said.

“People have legitimate concerns about the refugee influx from Syria. The list is long: the threat of terrorism, the proportion of economic migrants among refugees. People feel like they’re losing control of their democracy. They don’t have a say in policy anymore and you couldn’t illustrate that sentiment any better than with a picture of Clooney and Merkel,” MacLean said. (Read more from “Aaron MacLean Just Dropped a Truth Bomb on Liberals Who Support Islamic Immigration” HERE)

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  • pFeather

    Would one, just one liberal explain to me how Islamic immigration is good for America?
    Islam is contrary to everything America stands for, such as individual freedom and liberty, equal rights for gays and women and religious tolerance and freedom to choose.

    • RWS

      I think that an argument made by the soft-hearted is that exposure to the peaceful cornucopia of the West will suddenly enlighten Moslems, who then will convert to simple theism and tolerance of all.

      Of course, any such argument is made in ignorance of basic human nature, as shown repeatedly throughout human history.

  • HyacinthClare

    That man is an actor. Why do we consult actors about national security?

    • RWS

      Because they know how to play the part?

  • ArmyCombatVet

    Clooney is Looney and a traitor to our Republic. He is also a coward, a sniveling anti-American pretender. I say put his worthless anti-America butt in a uniform, send him to fight ISIS and if he lives for more than a few hours, ask him how much he still wants terrorist immigrants sneaking into America. Better yet, the ones that get thru the unmanned border get to live in his house, drive his car, eat his food, sleep with his wife, etc., no charge! I’ve had it with Anti-American sissies making decisions for average Americans struggling to make ends meet!