Time to Fight Back: Anchorage Businesses Forced to Allow Transgender Bathroom Use

Under the ordinance the Anchorage Assembly passed recently regarding sexual orientation and gender identity, here’s what an employer or operator of a place of public accommodation is lawfully allowed to do –

“Maintain and enforce gender-segregated restrooms, locker rooms or dressing rooms, provided that persons are allowed to use such facilities consistent with their gender identity and nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to require the provision of special facilities to accommodate any person(s) based upon sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Many communities and States are taking proactive measures to protect women and girls. The South Dakota legislature just passed a common sense bill and they are now awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Residents of Anchorage. Residents of Alaska. It’s time to start up a conversation.

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  • Kent2012

    I once was sitting in a class room when a teacher(non communist) was discussing how the USA had a special kind of government, it was “of the people, by the people, and for the people”….something has gone very wrong with what we once took for granted…now the media, the education system, and the government have been very badly infected by communist perversion…

  • Katie Mueller

    The Anchorage ordinance passed 5 months ago. Have there been any businesses who have actually been affected? Any businesses in Anchorage that have been sued for discriminating against a trans person since it passed? Any businesses in Anchorage that have incurred actual expenses to accomodate trans patrons since it passed? Have there been any actual incidents in Anchorage of misconduct in a public bathroom by a trans person or even someone posing as trans since it passed? Are there any businesses in Anchorage who have had customer complaints about trans persons using there restrooms or dressing rooms inappropriately since it passed?

    • Dara Enriquez

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