Decorated Marine Heckled by Black Lives Matter, Then Viciously Attacked Outside McDonald’s in D.C. [+video]

By Roz Plater. A decorated Marine veteran is recovering after a brutal attack Friday night. He says it happened at a McDonald’s on 911 E St., N.W., in Washington.

ABC7 News broke this story and has new details about a possible crucial piece of evidence. Wednesday night, reports suggest that Metropolitan Police may not release surveillance video from the incident.

30-year-old Chris Marquez was in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and received a bronze star for his heroism.

Marquez says while he was eating at a McDonald’s Friday night, a group of young people surrounded him and began yelling about “black lives matter.” Marquez says he sensed trouble and ignored them. When he left he was attacked and viciously beaten. (Read more from “Decorated Marine Heckled, Attacked by Group of Teens Outside McDonald’s in D.C.” HERE)


Black Lives Matter Protester Warns TheBlaze of the Coming ‘Race War’

By Josiah Ryan. A very small number of demonstrators took to the streets in front of NFL offices in New York City on Tuesday to protest Beyonce’s performance at Super Bowl 50 of her racially charged anthem “Formation,” which they deemed offensive.

In response Black Lives Matters protesters appeared with a counter-protest. Among them was Kalief Metellus, who told TheBlaze, he believed a “race war” may be on the horizon.

(Read more from “Black Lives Matter Protester Warns TheBlaze of the Coming ‘Race War'” HERE)

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  • Linda

    If black lives matter to black men, why do more than 70% of their black children grow up in a home without a father ? Obviously they don’t matter to the black men ! The problem is NOT the white people. The problem is the BREAKDOWN OF THE BLACK FAMILIES. Who is responsible ? That would be the Black Daddies.