Doctors Battling to Stop Cancer Hail Revolutionary Treatment

Doctors battling to combat cancer have hailed a revolutionary ­treatment that teaches the body how to kill the disease itself.

Trials of immunotherapy showed remarkable results with 94% of terminal leukaemia patients told they had just months to live going into remission.

And more than half of 40 suffering other blood cancers were left disease-free, according to US researchers.

The treatment could reduce the ­reliance on chemotherapy, which has debilitating toxic side-effects.

In a second major breakthrough, an Italian study found the therapy could be used to develop a vaccine-style drug that stops the disease coming back after it has been successfully treated. (Read more from “Doctors Battling to Stop Cancer Hail Revolutionary Treatment” HERE)

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  • wandamurline

    One of two things will happen here…first the Big Pharma will get hold of the patent and you will pay out the ahole to get the medication or second, you will never hear of this again….it will be swept under the rug because if there was a cure for cancer, what would all of these lab workers do….they would be out of a job. And, the other thing that worries me is how they “genetically” alter the T cells that cause such side effects…considering you have formaldehyde and mercury in your flu shots. My doctor said that mercury was a preservative….I told him that so was Vitamin E and it had no side effects…he told me he could get a flu shot without these toxins, but guess what, he couldn’t…so I take herbs to ward off the flu and refused the shot….you should think about it also.

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