FBI Has ‘Encircled’ Remaining Occupiers at Oregon Wildlife Refuge, Agents in Armored Vehicles Demanding Surrender

The FBI has encircled remaining occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, which armed protesters took over in early January.

Les Zaitz, senior investigative reporter for the Oregonian, posted the following tweet: . . .

Refuge occupier Sean Anderson adds additional confirmation that FBI will not advance tonight, but will allow occupiers to meet at checkpoint with Fiore and Graham later Thursday morning.

Anderson says occupiers will put their weapons in their vehicles when they turn themselves in as they march toward the checkpoint with American flags.

Anderson added that turning themselves in to the FBI is “going against everything we believe in,” but said they will “proceed with our surrender” once Fiore and Graham arrive at the refuge.

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  • mikecnj

    the tighter they clench their fist : the more people will slip through
    (h/t : Princess Leia)

  • Naturalism

    I’m confused because the terrorists said they would never “surrender” but would “turn themselves in”. What’s the difference? What hair are they splitting there?

  • Daddy Kickass

    How about the FBI encircling the criminals in the State Department and White House for conspiring with Hildo, her criminal email system and incompetence as a Secretary of State. These are the REAL CRIMINALS, not a handful of ranchers. Their acts affect EVERY American!!!

    • ArmyCombatVet

      The FBI are nothing but henchmen for the impostor in the White House. The land in question is state land, the federal government has no rights there. This is a clear violation of the Constitution and a felony. I’d like to see the FBI face off a couple SEAL teams, real Americans who don’t shoot unarmed elderly ranchers in cold blood. Keep messing with American patriots and veterans and violating their constitutional rights and deal with the consequences! Who the hell does the FBI think pays their wages………….the people, thats who! Funny how the FBI has no interest in the 35 confirmed radical muslim training camps through out America or the confirmed ISIS members in every state in America, plotting to kill Americans. Way more Americans were killed in San Bernardino than the one murdered by the FBI in Oregon!

    • dennykray

      It’s only the beginning.
      “The transition from socialism to communism must be-by necessity-violent.”-Karl Marx