Franklin Graham: Charlotte, NC Passes Wicked, Filthy and Ludicrous Law Allowing Perverts Into Women’s Restrooms

A few hours before the Charlotte City Council’s vote on transgender access to public restrooms for the opposite sex, Franklin Graham posted this hard-hitting call to action on Facebook:

Tonight the Charlotte, NC, City Council is set to vote on an ordinance that allows people to use the public restroom of their choice regardless of their biological sex. It’s really hard to believe that such a ludicrous law would even be seriously considered—and even harder to believe that at least 8 of 11 council members have said they would vote for it! Are people just not thinking clearly? This law would allow pedophiles, perverts, and predators into women’s bathrooms. This is wicked and it’s filthy. To think that my granddaughters could go into a restroom and a man be in there exposing himself….what are we setting our children and grandchildren up for? There’s not a public restroom in Charlotte that would be safe!

It should be inconceivable that Charlotte’s mayor and the supporting City Council members have succumbed to the pressures from depraved sexual activists and are willing to put women and girls at risk like this. The ordinance was defeated last year, and the mayor shouldn’t have allowed it back on the table. Shame on her. This is why it is so important that Christians get involved in the political process across our country by running for office and by voting. What a difference it could make if we had more city council members and mayors who were willing to stand up for morality and biblical principles for our cities and communities. Less than 10% of voters turned out for the last Charlotte mayoral election—that’s just a shame, and look what’s happening as a result.

I hope Charlotte citizens will come out in droves this evening to gather at 4:45 in front of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Complex Building before the City Council meeting and let the council know without question that they overwhelmingly oppose this! And to the rest of the nation—more of these kinds of laws are coming, so be watching, be on guard, and fight against them.


Charlotte Passes Law Allowing Transgender People to Use the Opposite Sex’s Restrooms

By Tom Foreman Jr. and Jonathan Drew. North Carolina’s largest city passed a law Monday allowing transgender people to choose public bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity, which the governor had called a threat to public safety and warned that the General Assembly may step in.

The Charlotte City Council voted 7-4 to expand protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity, making it the latest frontier in a national debate on how businesses treat gay, lesbian and transgender customers. One of the revisions to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance allows people to choose restrooms corresponding to the gender with which they identify.

“I’m pleased that Charlotte has sent a signal that we will treat people with dignity and respect, even when we disagree,” Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts said moments after the vote. (Read more from “Charlotte Passes Law Allowing Transgender People to Use the Opposite Sex’s Restrooms” HERE)

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  • Kent2012

    of course now we will be subjected to the ahole clown progressive commies as they have a fit and suggest that America is way behind the social curve, why in Europe they all use the same bathroom…there are plenty of things that have gone on in Europe that do not need to occur here…for example look what the scum that are called refugees are doing in Germany and elsewhere…whoopie that sure is something to look up to or forward to…

  • I am NOW an official boycotter of The Queen City, Charlotte, NC!!! Very sad…..

    • Paul

      Read what you just wrote – the “Queen City” – it says it all. Why are you surprised?! They only have queers and lesbos there; their taxes are better than California.

      • WELL…this was an unintended saying. The city is called Charlotte as it is named after the Queen of Mecklenburg, Germany, whose name was Charlotte. The county of the city’s presence is also called after the county of the Queens’ reign in Germany, Mecklinberg.

  • Paul

    Woo Hoo! This is great news and I’ll be filthy rich just like Hillary. I will invent a portable crapper that you can carry with you at all times. It will save money on janitors and there will never be a need for public restrooms! As the Socialist say, never allow a good disaster go to waste.
    I can’t believe I just read this crap. Especially when it is true. If this was coming out of Colorado, I could say they were all stoned and really didn’t know what they were saying. Unreal!

    • Linda

      LOL ! Great Idea ! Every woman needs a concealed carry !

    • Linda

      I have another idea. Women should wear burkas like the woman I saw in You Tube who stood in front of a public elevator , squirmed around a few seconds & walked away leaving a huge turd on the floor . Undoubtedly they don’t wear underwear.

  • Linda

    Thank You Franklin Graham for standing up to the bullies !!