Hillary Clinton Is Going to Really Regret Saying These 4 Words About Goldman Sachs

By Chris Cillizza. Hillary Clinton spent an hour talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper and a handful of New Hampshire voters in a town hall on Wednesday night. For 59 minutes of it, she was excellent — empathetic, engaged and decidedly human. But, then there was that other minute — really just four words — that Clinton is likely to be haunted by for some time to come.

“That’s what they offered,” Clinton said in response to Cooper’s question about her decision to accept $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in the period between serving as secretary of state and her decision to formally enter the 2016 presidential race.

The line is, well, bad. More on that soon. But, the line when combined with her body language when she said it makes it politically awful for her.

Clinton is both seemingly caught by surprise and annoyed by the question all at once. Neither of those is a good reaction to what Cooper is asking. Both together make for a uniquely bad response. (Read more from “Hillary Clinton Is Going to Really Regret Saying These 4 Words About Goldman Sachs” HERE)


Hillary Clinton Says ‘Every Secretary of State That I Know’ Has Been a Paid Speaker

By Dylan Stableford. During CNN’s Democratic town hall event in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton shrugged when asked why she accepted $675,000 from Wall Street investment giant Goldman Sachs to give three speeches in 2013.

“That’s what they offered,” Clinton said. “You know, every secretary of state that I know has done that.”

Well, yes and no.

In terms of delivering paid speeches, she’s right: Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright — the three secretaries of state before Clinton — and James Baker, who served under George H. W. Bush, have given paid speeches according to the Washington Speakers Bureau, the Alexandria, Va., booking agency that represents them. (Read more from “Hillary Clinton Says ‘Every Secretary of State That I Know’ Has Been a Paid Speaker” HERE)

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  • Kent2012

    why should the hore be haunted by anything, the parasites, lezzies, and the coffee shop socialists will support her and the clown, billy “the rapist traitor”, no matter what they do….not only that georgi soretoes will find another group to offer the ho 750,000 to come and cackle at their lunchroom/horehouse…

    • Naturalism

      “the parasites, lezzies, and the coffee shop socialists”

      Right. Or, in other words, “the majority”.

      • Kent2012

        not really, too many haters of Mormans and too many candy panties that wanted Ron Paul on the ticket stayed home…that guaranteed a victory for the parasites and the coffee shop socialists, all it took was a little voter fraud here and there along with rigged machines and …Whammo…the illegal alien was in the oral office…

        • Naturalism

          Get ready, because all those candy whatevers are about to elect your worst nightmare: a competent moderate woman.

          • Kent2012

            are you writing those platitudes about the hore criminal from Illinois by way of the Arkansas state house ??

          • Naturalism

            Yep! Get ready. She’s going to appoint Scalia’s replacement.

          • Kent2012

            well I thought that the rag loving communist was going to appoint another black ho to replace that white communist ho, grinsberger, that way the ho from Illinois could appoint another lezzy from crapafornia to replace who ever else desires to retire….then they will pass some legislation making it mandatory to be a communist rag loving faggot in order to run for office, any office….

          • Naturalism

            Yeah I’m pretty sure that agenda item is #4 on the list, right after (1) Obama declares the USA to be a Muslim country, (2) confiscate everyone’s guns, and (3) wipe his butt with the Bill of Rights.

            #1 was supposed to happen on Obama’s first day in office, so I don’t know what’s taking so long. Maybe I just missed the memo. Are you a Muslim yet? I’m not.

  • wandamurline

    It is called buying a politician…she and Slick Willie have been selling their souls for years….hell is going to be a good place for the both of them. She and Bill should both be in jail for murder and treason…if not in front of a firing squad.