Hillary’s Henchwomen Have a Dirty Secret

By Michael Goodwin. Over years, New Hampshire earned its reputation for upending conventional wisdom, but the 2016 campaign is also leaving another legacy. When Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem tried to shame and bully young women into supporting Hillary Clinton, they inadvertently revealed a dirty secret of the left’s fixation on gender, race and ethnicity.

They demonstrated that hiding behind the gauzy appeals to make history is a willingness to use brass knuckles to achieve conformity. In their warped vision, biology trumps individuality, and those who don’t agree are traitors to their gender.

That’s not just unappealing, it’s also un-American. Our democracy is energized and more representative when no vote is taken for granted.

The demands for conformity by Clinton’s henchwomen mirror the anti-free-speech movements on college campuses, but are striking because they came from a former secretary of state and a feminist icon, both of whom struggled against demeaning stereotypes in their own careers. They now ape the sexists they fought. (Read more from “Hillary’s Henchwomen Have a Dirty Secret” HERE)


Hillary Clinton’s Woman Problem

By Ellie Hartleb. Bernie Sanders has captured the hearts of Millennial voters with his inspirational and emotional promise to bring the nation “a future to believe in.” Although 74-year-old Sanders is a lifelong politician, his off-the-beaten-path campaign and perpetually disheveled aesthetic seem to be just the fresh (if wrinkled) face many young Democrats are looking for.

That’s even true of the women, and particularly young women. Sanders won women under 30 by about 6 to 1 over Hillary Clinton in Iowa. He nearly matched that Tuesday in New Hampshire and, even more sobering for Clinton, nearly seven in 10 women under 45 chose Sanders. Overall, Sanders won 53% of the female vote in New Hampshire to Clinton’s 46% — a reversal from Iowa, where she carried women, and one that could reflect a troubling trend for her campaign.

Clinton has painted herself as a glass-shattering feminist icon, so these numbers might seem surprising. But considering Sanders’ overwhelming support from Millennial voters who are enchanted by policy proposals that are simply good for young people, it’s no wonder younger women in particular are turning away from Clinton in favor of more radical change.

Born after the Cold War, Millennials don’t feel the sting when Sanders refers to himself as a democratic socialist. In fact, they look on in admiration as he proclaims a dire need for a “political revolution,” chock full of social and economic domestic reforms. His core platforms — universal health care, tuition-free public colleges, a crackdown on irresponsible spending and redistribution of wealth — are all thrilling prospects for a debt-ridden generation who are wary of career politicians and tired of slow progress under the Obama administration. (Read more from “Hillary Clinton’s Woman Problem” HERE)

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  • wandamurline

    The young people just want everything free and Bernie promises that.

    • Naturalism

      Want everything free? Is this an article about Cliven Bundy?

    • dennykray

      At least the last couple of generations in this country have been brought up under a spirit of entitlement which has allowed all sorts of political agendas to take a foothold by buying their votes with political promises and laws.

  • Jonathan Brooks

    The new Jackboot Hillary Squad have topped themselves for cursing women to hell that do not support Hillary since she has a Vagaina. Personally, I want Hillary to drop her pantsuit and prove said feminine organ exists, because she cusses like a dockworker, and has a long term romance with Huma Abedin that is an open secret.

    • Daddy Kickass

      Why would she want Huma when Huma has a Weiner?

      • Jonathan Brooks

        Bill admitted to Gennifer Flowers, back in the day, that Hillary was lesbian and had been with more women than him.
        Bill had wanted to make the relationship work with Hillary, but she demanded just missionary, and was robotic and mechanical about it, so Bill gave up.

        Huma married Anthony as a beard, since it was an open secret in Washington that Hillary and Huma had been together for over twelve years, but she still had a group of women on the side, including actresses and celebrity gay women. Weiner himself may be using Huma as a beard, since he has an exhibitionist fetish, and is apparently a cheater.

  • Tom

    a woman recently died after voting for HRC and was revived. She recounted her experience, she said she went directly to hell and although she wasn’t allowed to go to that special place she could see it and could see that it was air conditioned and had a Baskin Robins inside and a commanding view of Paradise on the other side. She has been quoted with saying “I’ll never vote for that _____ again!”