Huckabee Just Revealed the One and ONLY Way Trump Won’t Be President

By Mike Huckabee. After Tuesday’s Nevada Caucuses, the opera may not be over, but the fat lady is clearing her throat.

Donald Trump’s 45.9% total in Nevada was larger than Cruz’s and Rubio’s put together. It was also his third straight win, and in states that couldn’t be more diverse, culturally, politically and geographically. Next week brings us Super Tuesday. If any candidate is going to derail the Trump super-train, it needs to happen then. One complication: polls show him leading everywhere but Texas.

Many establishment Republicans still cling to the slender hope that Trump has reached his ceiling; and if only all the other candidates but one would fall on their swords and quit, all their supporters would flock to the last non-Trumpian man standing. Sorry, but that’s a pipe dream . . .

Blasting Trump for not being a consistent conservative also won’t dissuade his supporters. It’s as simple as the old saying: “When you point a finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at you.” Trump’s supporters have heard for years that they had to vote for “consistent philosophical conservatives” if they wanted to shrink government, reduce spending, secure the borders and stop Obama’s leftist agenda. They gave the GOP both Houses of Congress, and what did they get in return? Obama’s Iran nuclear deal and a budget that funds every item on the Obama wish list.

It’s now obvious that name-calling and badgering candidates to quit will not work. At this point, there is only one way for any other candidate to beat Trump. It’s the same way a Republican will have to defeat the Democrat in November: by doing a better job of convincing voters that he’s heard their concerns and will act on them. (Read more from “Huckabee Just Revealed the One and ONLY Way Trump Won’t Be President” HERE)


Donald Trump Keeps Winning. Here’s What Could Make Him Lose.

By Alexander Burns. Donald J. Trump has snatched three straight victories, built a powerful lead in national polls and knocked several opponents out of the 2016 presidential race. His path to the Republican nomination looks wider than ever. But it could still contain pitfalls and roadblocks. Here are some of the ways he could still stumble . . .

In a race that began with 17 candidates, Mr. Trump has benefited from deftly playing his opponents against one another. With four left, he can still control the race with far less than a majority of the vote.

Neither Senator Marco Rubio of Florida nor Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is likely to give way willingly, or join forces with the other. And two long-shot candidates would still snarl efforts to unite the anti-Trump vote: Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Ben Carson have plodded on despite their slim chances. But should the field suddenly dwindle to one or two rivals of Mr. Trump, perhaps after Super Tuesday, it would test the breadth of his support as never before . . .

The stage may get even tougher for him starting Thursday night in Houston: He can no longer count on a large field of opponents to shield him from a formidable puncher like Mr. Cruz, or from Mr. Rubio, who is also seeking to break through. (Read more from “Donald Trump Keeps Winning. Here’s What Could Make Him Lose.” HERE)

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  • Colo43

    Trump 2016

  • Greg Stoddard

    Trump will take Texas on Super Tuesday landing the knockout blow to Cruz. Trump will take Florida March 15 knocking Rubio out. Come Nov, his choice for VP running mate will be the reason he’s elected President.

  • justme

    Huckabee is a sore loser, 2nd time around…..

  • Tom

    If it quacks like a duck…

    What is one of the signs of a Liberal? “Reagan was a great communicator” no Mr Liberal, he was a GREAT PRESIDENT!

    Now Huckabee, “He is winning by deftly playing is opponents against each other” , No Mr Liberal liar Huyckabee, Mr Trump is winning because he has a great agenda, one to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

    Huckabee dude, take you Liberalism and shove to the Universities where they are not bright enough to know the difference.

    If it quacks like a duck…

  • Nels

    “They gave the GOP both Houses of Congress, and what did they get in return? ”
    We got a knife in the back. The GOP establishment has been running radical liberal anti-Americans like McStain and Boner for decades. If Trump destroys the GOP establishment’s chokehold on the political right, and kicks a bunch of cuckservatives to the curb, we will have won a great victory. If he then keeps a few campaign promises, too, we might get back on the right track.
    Just by getting elected on a pro-American platform, Trump changes the game, and ends business as usual for the backstabbing GOP.

    • Buzz

      He has a huge menu ahead of him..few will acknowledge that getting the USA out of the UN is ultimately the most important and it truly is for many reasons beyond money~he is concerned for the Veterans and he should be, the border and he should be but one can only move so fast and stay in step with what the legislative body will do…remember Cruz is unconstitutional to run…if he will lie about that to you and me, you and you, what else will he lie about?

  • ivdad

    Trump is just looking to stroke his own ego. He is like Lois running for office in “Family Guy”. Instead of repeating 9 11 for every answer, Trump says “Build a wall”.

    • Nels

      The fact that Trump is getting elected by saying “build a wall” is a game changer. The GOP has been stabbing America in the back at every election, and one of their worst betrayals has been to allow essentially unlimited immigration, legal and illegal, from every third world cesspool and mohammedan hellhole that could supply criminals and future democrats. Now, we all see that a politician can get elected by saying build a wall. That’s game over for the GOP’s lies about having to run leftist, anti-American candidates to get into office.
      It doesn’t even matter if Trump builds the wall – but he might. We can’t say either of those things about any other candidate. It would matter, but they wouldn’t build it.

      • Buzz

        Well he has ruffled the feathers of the Mexican presidente an that is very, very good…

        • Bob Trower

          Good to ruffle the feathers??????????????
          Nothing good about that. Trump is a buffoon. The wall will not be built by Mexico if it is built at all. Trump just makes a lot of silly noise. He is a spoiled little rich boy that has always got his way. It is a shame that there are enough ignorant people that elect Trump.

    • Buzz

      It is one of the most important things that needs done right after getting the heck out of the UN

  • Buzz

    It continues to amaze me that these organizations and really people that I respect and admire..kind of, continue to promote the NWO candidate that is totally illegal. His father was not made a citizen until 2005, that automatically disqualifies Cruz. Yet, he admires a war criminal and an honor to sit with him. Even Abbott does not know the Constitution, how many of you here do? O bet more than the impostors in DC and most states.

    Same goes for Rubio and he is guilty of wanting amnesty and more immigrants, illegal that is, Muslims too, then he favors foreign labor to Americans, took the FL government for $94000 in personal expenditures he never repaid. He is totally a benign candidate as far as wanting to implement and go back to living by the Constitution .