Huckabee Tells Trump ‘Just Say No’ to Releasing Tax Forms – There’s a BIG Reason Why

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a young political candidate who thought people would praise his transparency if he released 20 years’ worth of income tax returns, going all the way back to when he was first married. Alas, nobody gave him credit for his honesty or charitable giving. The only people who cared were his political opponents, who poured over his forms, hunting for any obscure item they could wrench out of context and turn into attack ads. The unsurprising twist: that young candidate was me. And the moral I learned was: “Never help somebody load a gun when it’s pointed at your own head. It’s not going to end well.”

Donald Trump is the latest candidate to be pressured to release his income tax forms. My Reaganesque advice to him: “Just say no!” Some have tried to interpret that as me favoring Trump, but I’ve given this same advice to candidates for years: Don’t release your personal tax forms. Trump, like every other candidate, is required by law to release detailed financial information. It must be signed under oath to verify that it’s accurate on penalty of perjury. Trump has done that, and it’s available for all to see.

Personally, I think that’s better than income tax returns. We all know how complicated tax forms are, particularly for someone like Trump. No average human can comprehend them; that’s why we have to pay experts to do our taxes. Do you really think some junior reporter at the Washington Post will understand Trump’s voluminous tax forms? If he did, he’d be a seven-figure CPA. (Read more from “Huckabee Tells Trump ‘Just Say No’ to Releasing Tax Forms – There’s a BIG Reason Why” HERE)

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  • Russ

    Sounds like good advice to me Mike.

  • Nam1

    “Never help someone load a gun especially when it’s pointed at your head”… Great advise for all to live by.

  • CSN

    Trumps Tax forms are two feet high in about 6 piles. Yes, they’d tear him apart if they could understand them. I use TurboTax and still have trouble, and I’m miniscule compared to Trump Corporation..