Huffington Post Goes off on Trump, Calls Him a ‘Racist, Sexist Demagogue’

By Dylan Byers. Huffington Post took a visceral and aggressive approach to Donald Trump’s victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, blasting the GOP front-runner as a “racist, sexist demagogue.”

The headline on the homepage, in bold, red, 72-point font, reads: “NH GOES RACIST SEXIST XENOPHOBIC.” The headline on the story: “A Racist, Sexist Demagogue Just Won The New Hampshire Primary” . . .

In late January, Huffington Post announced that all of its Trump-related articles would include an editor’s note reading, “Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.” (Read more from “Huffington Post Goes off on Trump, Calls Him a ‘Racist, Sexist Demagogue'” HERE)


Trump Echoes Supporter’s Vulgar Insult of Ted Cruz

By Sopan Deb. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made cursing a campaign staple for him on the stump. Most speeches will sprinkle in a “damn,” or a “crap.”

At a September speech in New Hampshire, Trump called Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s friendship “political bulls***.”

But at Monday night’s rally in Manchester, Trump ratcheted up his practice of keeping television censors (and reporters) on their toes with what might be his most off-color profanity yet: He repeated a woman calling Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, “a p****.”

Trump was in the middle of a riff about his answer on waterboarding at Saturday’s GOP debate, when he made light of Cruz’s answer on the same question.

“They asked Ted Cruz, serious question, ‘Well what do you think of waterboarding?’ Is it okay?” Trump said. “And honestly I thought he’d say absolutely. And he didn’t.” (Read more from “Trump Echoes Supporter’s Vulgar Insult of Ted Cruz” HERE)

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  • Loretta

    If there’s one thing the liberal media is good at is calling people with whom they disagree is pulling out all their ugly name calling. Two top are racist and sexist. How can you have dialogue with someone who can’t get their head out of the cesspool. Lacking the means to engage in serious discussion they resort to a few words to denigrate their opponent. This is a demonstration of their limited intelligence when they can’t get beyond a few choice words

    • wandamurline

      You mean pull their head out of their anal orifice.

  • Forcetiger

    The Huffington post should talk nothing but a cheap rag, wouldn’t trust a thing this rag says. It is a nothing but a communist rag!

  • Nam1

    Seems DT has really gotten under their skin… He’s one itch they’ll never be able to scratch.

  • Sandra Fink

    This coming from a rag founded by a scumbag who was so stupid she was married to a 3-dollar bill for 15 years and says she didn’t know it? Either she’s stupid or a liar – most likely both. Go back where you came from, Ariana. America doesn’t need creepolas such as you!

  • Bill Meeker

    The whole list of slurs is true … by liberal definition … for anyone claiming to be a conservative or Republican. The other day a liberal friend of mine said she had known me a long time and knew me not to be racist or sexist. I took that as insulting and pointed out to her and her liberal friends I must be both and a whole lot more bad things because I was conservative.

  • heilbama

    “My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I’m glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior situations and mind-sets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture, and we didn’t do that, and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment.” – Hillary Clinton, 11 March 2014

    ‘I want to make America great again!’ Donald J. Trump – every day.

    See the difference? Hillary obfuscates, double-talks, says nothing of substance, has accomplished nothing; Trump speaks plainly – because he isn’t trying to puff himself up, isn’t trying to confuse anyone. Oh, and Huffington Post – let me speak plainly; you suck big time.

  • someone should do a ghoulish cartoon of ariana huffington robbing graves. just one more communist rag fanning flames of anarchy. the puffington host is the = of the daily news and pravda.

    The daily nudes. Who reads that shet? Mort Suckerface is a soviet travel agent.

    He should go back to his station with the KGB. He is not a 911 NEW YORKER.



  • copakeman

    huf-po must be getting nicer, they didn’t include the “nazi” word in their defaming description of Mr D. Trump.

  • gwedem5995

    Who reads the Huffington Post anyway. No one cares what they think.

  • bbb

    A Marxist publication is doing what Marxists do. They want their rights of free speech, free press, freedom not to worship, but they want to take away everyone else’s rights in those same areas if others fail to see the world as they do. For years they have mocked capitalism while benefitting from the banking systems. For years they have railed against borders while benefitting from a safer nation. For years the Huff Po has huffed and puffed and tried to blow the Constitution away, so now that there is a no-nonsense candidate who boldly tells the truth and does not need to sell his soul to the highest lobbyists the poor paper is frenzied. How easy it has been to see the world through liberal tinted lenses – until now. In a capitalist world the Huff Po would do as Newsweek just did. Fold.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well what you expected from the most liberal gay loving rag printed. This piece of crap does nothing but support pedophiles, gay, terrorist, the scum of humanity. So naturally they are going against any one that stands against political correctness and immoral behavior. To put it another way, the Huffington post most certainly intend to0, but they just campaigned for Trump. Their attack on him just got him tens of thousands of votes. If the Huffington Post is against it, it must be good for the country.

    • Kent2012

      not to mention only democrapo clowns running for office..

  • Aldous Huxley

    Thanks huff po for giving my guy more support, haha.

  • CSN

    Did they call Clinton those names after he was accused of raping Monica Lewinsky? Seems Clinton got re-elected anyway? One set of rules for Clinton, and one set of rules for Trump. Mind you…Trump needs to improve on expletives during rallies, but everything Donald says in public, the others say behind closed doors.

  • CSN

    BTW: Has anyone asked Bernie Sanders if he believes in Freedom of Religion, or if he believes in Soviet Style squashing of all religious freedom. That question needs to be posted and answered for all the world to hear and see.

  • dufus

    He must be doing something right to get the wrath of the Huffington Post.
    Bravo. Go Trump 2016! There’s plenty of name calling to go around.