Huge Endorsement For Trump

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday endorsed businessman Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for president, becoming the New York billionaire’s most noteworthy endorsement to date.

The endorsement was made at a news conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

“We don’t need any more of these Washington, D.C. acts,” Christie said.”We don’t need Washington politicians to come in and fix it.”

He said Trump is the best candidate to defeat Hillary Clinton and “fix” the mess in Washington. (Read more from this story about the endorsement for Trump HERE)

  • gracentruth

    Someone must take legal action against Cruz and Rubio for not being natural born citizens. Perhaps someone who is a friend of Christie. Peace,

    • John

      why? no one took legal action against Obama.

  • Linda

    They are 2 of a kind, both are hot heads. Cristi probably wants to be VP.