Huge: FBI Makes It Official, Hillary Is Under Investigation

By Pete Williams. In a letter disclosed Monday in a federal court filing, the FBI confirms one of the world’s worst-kept secrets: It is looking into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Why say this at all, since it was widely known to be true? Because in August in response to a judge’s direction, the State Department asked the FBI for information about what it was up to. Sorry, the FBI said at the time, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any investigation.

Now, in a letter dated February 2 and filed in court Monday, the FBI’s general counsel, James Baker, notes that in public statements and congressional testimony, the FBI “has acknowledged generally that it is working on matters related to former Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server.” (Read more from “Huge: FBI Makes It Official, Hillary Is Under Investigation” HERE)


FBI Confirms Its ‘Ongoing’ Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Previous Use of a Private Email Server

By Associated Press. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is reaffirming that the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state is free of outside political influence.

She told The Associated Press on Monday that the FBI investigation is independent and is being conducted by career lawyers looking at the facts and evidence.

Republicans have been critical of Clinton’s use of personal email during her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. (Read more from “FBI Confirms Its ‘Ongoing’ Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Previous Use of a Private Email Server” HERE)

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  • StingraySFO

    Of course, we already knew all of that. But, the question is….will it lead to an arrest, trial, conviction, and prison time, as it would for any civilian? Or would it be merely a slap on the wrist?

    • RWS

      Third possibility: dropped, before prosecution, for insufficient cause or evidence to proceed. Fourth possibility: prosecuted and openly shown to have been innocent of all charges.

  • Bill Meeker

    Ms. Lynch and Mr. Comey must be careful not to release any more information to the citizens as in keeping with this Administration’s policy, the citizens don’t have the need to know about such investigations. This is yet one more reason for the world community to be laughing at “the free and open” government of the US.

  • leewacker

    So, tell us something we DON’T know! WHEN is she going to be arrested and indicted? Or, is the FBI too busy picking on CITIZENS trying to save their lands while the faux administration seizes everything in sight? The FBI isn’t exactly winning any contests with their “ongoing investigation of Hillary,” she’s guilty, and should be arrested, like last week! I think my dad was right about his version of the FBI: “Fat Bellied Infant!”

  • wandamurline

    I am 68 years of age and never thought I would see what is going on in my country and now, the corrupt, lying Demorats are running a Criminal and a Communist for president….hell, how could anything go wrong with that one? Keep in mind people before you vote for Bernie….Adolph Hitler began as a socialist and history tells you that that one did not turn out well. Wake Up America before we lose our freedoms and individuality….there is no difference between communism and socialism, communism ENSLAVES you by FORCE, socialism ENSLAVES you by VOTE….the end is like murder versus suicide.

  • gunnerv1

    I want to see her Head on a Pike with an Indictment stuffed in the mouth while Trey smears her blood on his face, screaming “Eric, Lois, Huma, get in line, you’re next”. I’d pay good money just to be able to steady the ladder for Mr Gowdy. I want to see her doing the “Perp Walk”!

  • obamasux

    The whole purpose of Hillary’s server was to offer a “classified information vending machine” for top US secrets, outside State Department firewalls. The buyers were foreign governments, who purchased information they wanted by making Clinton Foundation “donations.” This is not rocket science. It’s one of the boldest acts of treason in recorded history….