Jeff Sessions Just Issued a Major Warning About Marco Rubio – People Need to Realize This

By Julia Hahn. Sen. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is warning that the 2016 election could determine whether the Gang of Eight, a group of senators who pushed for allowing greater immigration, runs the White House.

Presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio was a key member of the Gang. Sessions is emphasizing that powerful forces behind the Gang of Eight are only getting started, and the same special interest coalition is already planning its next push for open borders.

Sessions began his remarks with an effort to correct the record on claims from Senator Rubio about Senator Sen. Ted Cruz.

“Every step of the way Ted Cruz was on my side and fought this legislation all the way through,” Sessions declared. “People need to remember this because this election is going to decide– did the crowd who pushed that bill, are they in the White House? And will they be able to continue their agenda? Or will somebody else be there who will say, ‘No.’”

Sessions explained that despite the American people’s clear repudiation of their plan, the Gang of Eight remains determined to implement their border-opening immigration agenda as soon as they have another chance. “I will say one more time,” Sessions proclaimed, “They are not through. They are determined. They’ve got money, interest groups, power, media that support this agenda and the next president who gets elected is going to determine what kind of immigration system we have.” (Read more from “Jeff Sessions Just Issued a Major Warning About Marco Rubio – People Need to Realize This” HERE)


FLASHBACK: Sean Hannity Supported a ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Before ‘Gang of 8’ Bill

By Derek Hunter. Talk radio and Fox News host Sean Hannity is one of the biggest opponents of amnesty for illegal immigrants, but that wasn’t always the case.

Hannity, who has anti-immigration candidate Donald Trump on his shows more frequently than any other presidential hopeful and has been a staunch critic of Florida Senator Marco Rubio‘s past on the issue, supported a pathway to full citizenship for illegals in late as 2012 — months before the “Gang of 8” amnesty bill was written and when the New York Times says Rubio “pushed for immigration reform with conservative media.”

On his radio show, Hannity regularly talks of how he’s asked Rubio if his involvement with the “Gang of 8” immigration bill was a mistake, something Rubio won’t directly admit. But Hannity himself supported amnesty in the bill long before then. (Read more from “FLASHBACK: Sean Hannity Supported a ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ Before ‘Gang of 8’ Bill” HERE)

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  • gracentruth

    I did not see Senator Sessions(37 years in D.C. swamp) stand with Senator Cruz especially in Cruz’s 24 hour filibuster of obamacare. Sessions is running against a good field of real patriots here in Alabama. If he does not get enough votes, there will be a runoff and now the Lindsey Graham fraud – paying democrats to vote for him – comes to mind. Just saying – – -.

  • Bill Meeker

    Is anyone thinking the next President will not be black and therefore unlike THIS President, will be held to a higher standard to include the rule of law? Sure, Presidents wield much power but the next one will need the Congress to go along with the huge changes in immigration law being kicked around.

    • Nels

      Current immigration law, if enforced, would accomplish most of Trump’s goals. The president currently has the power to stop immigration of mohammedans. There is already an enabling act in force for a border wall. Trump could accomplish most of his goals without any additional actions by Congress.
      Furthermore, if Congress obstructs a populist, nationalist president who is willing to talk directly to the populace, as Reagan did, expect the 2018 elections to turn out a great many Rs and Ds.

  • reggiec

    A path to citizenship for illegal aliens is promoted by the Democrats for ONE reason. They would swell the Democrat voting roles by the millions. If you think things are bad now, imagine how they would be if the Democrats were in almost total control for decades.

  • blackyb

    Rubio is a liberal in conservative drag.

  • blackyb

    Hannity was wanting legal people to have a way to be come legal, but he wanted them to come into the U.S. the right way. That is all the Hannity thing is about. Quit trying to equate Hannity with the likes of RUBIO and CRUZ who are ineligible to begin with.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Illegal people HAVE a way to become legal: go HOME and apply like everyone else, to come legally! But those who disrespected our laws to get here deserve NOTHING from us; least of all citizenship as a gift!

  • mikecnj

    Let’s see if the FL Cubano R’s come to lil’ Marco’s rescue.

  • 4freedom

    America is a great country but it has a major flaw, lobbyism, which breeds greed with Congresscritters. It’s not to go to Washington and be a part of passing laws for the people, it’s all about how much money can be stuffed in their pockets for a vote. We need to abolish this anti-American system, seriously. Stop all forms of lobbyism and make all the Congrescritters open their bank account information every year to prove their not on the take, then and only then will they actually start working for the people. We the people are tired of being sold down the river for a buck.

    • wandamurline

      Actually the flaw is our representation…they seem to, with the exception of a few, be corrupt, lying turds. I don’t see a good outcome for our country except secession and having most of the conservative states be their own country….Texas, for one cause we have most of the oil and gas….turn it off for the communists in the northern states and let them duke it out….this economy is going to collapse….you had better be ready….it is not longer a matter of if but when. Our economy and the welfare state cannot continue at the current rate and 19 trillion in debt just adds fire to the flame.

  • 1_Eddie_1

    The people of the great state of Florida have NOT forgotten Mr. Rubio’s betrayal on immigration, and that he has failed to represent us.

    Mr. Trump is correct that Mr. Rubio can’t get elected as dog catcher.

    I’m glad that Mr. Sessions pointed out the fact that Mr. Cruz stood by him and was fighting the Gang of Eight bill all the way to the end.

    Anyone that gets together with Mr. Chuck Shumer isn’t a conservative, and can’t be trusted.

    • CSN

      Cruz supported TPP. Look at remarks above. That alone will sink American jobs. Cruz is also not Natural Born, nor is Rubio.

  • vigilannie2

    Sessions just came out and ENDORSED TRUMP! YES! TRUMP 2016!

  • wandamurline

    Each state could start the “self deportation” system by simply removing the freebies….it costs the American tax payer 187 billion dollars to support these teet suckers EVERY year. When you put out the bird feeders on the back porch, the birds actually appreciate the food, at the beginning, then they begin to poop on your back porch and when you go out to clean it, they attack you. .. same for the illegal Mexicans….so if you want the birds gone, you remove the bird feeders and they go somewhere else…..the same will work for the illiterate, welfare illegals who are here because they can get stuff free…..remove the free stuff and they will leave and go somewhere else….maybe California….just saying.

  • KDC

    Two years ago, Cruz proposed amendments to a bill sponsored by four Republican senators—Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake—and four Democrats. The bill would have tightened border security and employee screening. But it also would have allowed undocumented immigrants to apply, eventually, for legal status.
    Cruz has been described by the Cato Institute’s Center for Trade Policy Studies as a “free trader” and as a “free-trade advocate” by the Wall Street Journal. All these trade deals have destroyed America’s jobs and middle class.
    Why is the alleged conservative Cruz in support of TPP, otherwise known as Obamatrade?

    Cruz supported giving Fast Track to President Obama for Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

    • CSN

      Lots of people do not knoe this, thanks for posting.

  • CSN

    Hannity never supported amnesty. The article which is saying this is just plain bogus.

  • Tony

    Thank you Senator Jeff Sessions for further exposing this fraud and hypocrite, Senator Marco “Amnesty King” Rubio, as the betraying, back stabbing traitor that he is. If Rubio is elected as our president, I wouldn’t be surprised if we woke up and saw the Cuban flag and the Mexican flag flying above our White House. Wake up America—vote for and elect Donald Trump for POTUS.

  • Have you wondered why our elected leaders hate the electorate?

    The most important part of immigration is assimilation. But that is contrary to the globalist’s doctrine. Globalists want ‘one world’ and not nation states.

    But the Bible speaks of the tower of Babel and that makes me believe Christ wanted ‘nation states’ until his return.