Listen: Why Limbaugh Couldn’t Keep His Eyes off Bill During Hillary’s Speech- ‘I Saw…’

As did most of his colleagues, conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh dedicated much of his program on Tuesday to analysis of the Iowa caucuses held the prior evening. During one segment, the syndicated anchor discussed Hillary Clinton’s speech to supporters after eking out a razor-thin victory over rival Bernie Sanders.

Specifically, Limbaugh revealed his concern over the aged appearance of Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“I saw it all,” he said. “I saw Prep[aration] H, I saw Geritol, I saw Fixodent, I saw Depends, I saw it all. I saw dripping saliva. I saw it all, folks.”

He went on to call the scene both “astounding” and “frightening” before segueing into the candidate’s performance.

“And in front of him, Hillary’s running around screeching like a bunch of seagulls that have been starved out near Alcatraz for a while,” Limbaugh said.

Clinton’s post-caucus speech earned harsh reviews from other conservative pundits, including National Review’s Jim Geraghty, who wrote that the address marked the beginning of “Hillary Collapse 2.0.” (Read more from “Listen: Why Limbaugh Couldn’t Keep His Eyes off Bill During Hillary’s Speech- ‘I Saw…'” HERE)

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  • bbb

    My theory is that Bill Clinton has AIDS. His multiple private meetings with Magic Johnson, his long stay in the hospital not long after that, the Clinton Foundation’s greedy need for money to pay the extremely high cost of HIV meds, the push to use all Medicare and Federal Health Care dollars to find a cure for AIDS and everything Limbaugh detailed accurately and with some shock simply add up to that conclusion.

    • wandamurline

      If he does have it I can not think of anyone more deserving….what goes around usually comes around and these two deserve to be in prison for lots of reasons.

  • CapeConservative

    For certain, his promiscuous history makes him a strong candidate for some sort of STD.

    Did anyone else think Hillary’s screeching reminded them of Howard Dean in Iowa a few years ago? Dear Lord, there is no way any American or world leader should have to be subjected to that voice any longer than the coming summer. May she retire to one of her mansions and leave us alone?!?!?!?! She has never been worth a minute of my time and I question American citizens who think she is worthy of any public office.

  • Mobties

    Tertiary syphilis?