Mark Levin Exposes the Fiction of Bernie Sanders’ Attacks on Wealth Creators

In hour two of the Mark Levin program tonight, Conservative Review Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin took Democratic candidate for President Bernie Sanders’ socialist ideology to task. Sanders rails against the “one-percent” who allegedly have stolen all their wealth from the lower classes through exploitation of workers. Levin exposes this Marxist idea as a fiction.


Trade is not a zero-sum game. The wealthy are not rich because they steal from others but because they provide goods and services that people want. They create jobs. They improve people’s lives. And, Levin argues, Bernie Sanders would destroy all that.

Bernie Sanders wants to confiscate the wealth away from job creators and entrepreneurs in this country, but he cannot achieve his proposals under our constitutional system, Levin explained. Socialism is antithetical to the principles of the American Founding.

Conservatives must stand against it. (For more from the author of “Mark Levin Exposes the Fiction of Bernie Sanders’ Attacks on Wealth Creators” please click HERE)

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  • RWS

    Right on, Mr. Levin!

    (Really, can any thinking person honestly believe that total constraint of entrepreneurial impulses in this fallen world will do other than injure all of us? Most of us want to help the poor; thankfully, few of us try to hawk the absurd idea that they can be helped by destroying the very men and women who do create productive work.)

  • liberty49

    Go get him, Mark! This man needs to be exposed for the worthless leach he has been his entire life! The same press who refused to vet Obama is allowing this failure to worm his way into our politics by promising everyone everything free! Well, wake up America! Nothing is free because SOMEBODY has to pay for it! And remember you will never appreciate anything you get for free like you would feel if you had earned it and worked hard for it! No one can ‘give’ you that kind of pride in accomplishing something for yourself!