Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them

In an exclusive Q&A with Breitbart News, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane provides never-before-heard details about the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration fight that are likely to shake up an already tumultuous presidential race.

ICE Council President, Crane represents the nation’s approximately 5,800 frontline ICE officers, agents and personnel who are responsible for enforcing America’s immigration laws in all 50 states and U.S. territories. For the first time ever, Crane details his behind-the-scenes interactions with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as Crane sought to protect the nation’s ICE officers and national security . . .

In his responses, Crane addresses an incident—first detailed by Breitbart News— in which Marco Rubio stood idly by as Crane was ejected from a Gang of Eight press conference for trying to ask a question on behalf of law enforcement . . .

BREITBART NEWS: It is well known that the Gang of Eight reached out to big business groups and amnesty groups in the process of writing the bill. When Sen. Rubio started writing his bill, did he reach out to you and other ICE officers for your ideas and input?

CRANE: Sen. Rubio never reached out to us. He surrounded himself with big business and amnesty groups, most of which were more interested in cheap labor and their own political agendas, and had no real concern for the welfare of immigrants, public safety, or the security of our nation. This while he ignored boots on the ground law enforcement officers who work within our broken immigration system every day and know better than any what’s needed to fix it. Common sense dictates that law enforcement be at the table when creating a bill like this. I think Sen. Rubio knew that, but actively chose to exclude us because of his own personal agenda. (Read more from “Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them” HERE)

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  • wandamurline

    Ted Cruz is being sued as being a “naturalized citizen” not a natural born citizen….the same should hold true for Rubio….he is what is referred to as an anchor baby….he was born in America to two immigrants who were not US citizens, also making him a “naturalized citizen” and not a natural born citizen…

    • RWS

      If Mr. Rubio were to be deemed eligible for the presidency, all children of illegal immigrants likely would be, too: the sole distinctions are legality of parental residence and the apparent fact that Mr. Rubio’s parents were refugees from their homeland.

    • leewacker

      I understood Rubio was NOT born here, but was brought as a very small child, and his folks didn’t become AMERICANS until he was four.

  • RWS

    ‘Too bad: Mr. Rubio does have some superficial charm.

  • leewacker

    Marco Rubio is not eligible to be president, and is barely eligible to be a Senator! WHY no one in authority is questioning his blind obesiance to the immigration line is beyond me–he’s just trying to pave the way for more illegals, and would not lift a finger to help his adopted country to do something for its people. He reminds me of John McCain when he was first entering politics. Young, good-looking, smooth talker, gracious to the ladies, and seemingly for the people—then the truth hit first the veterans, then others just what a pos McCain really was. Rubio is no different.

    • Oraliabwindham

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  • Jordan Flanagan

    i, was in Italy and let me tell you how scary and disgusting it is now. we can’t allow refuges to come to the sad no on can Remove obama and put him in jail. Go Trump!!