Parents Rage After Government Announces Migrant Camp in Grounds of School

Hundreds of parents and local residents packed-out a government meeting on Thursday night to oppose a migrant “barracks” being built on a school field.

The local municipality called the meeting to discuss plans to build a so-called “barracks” for unaccompanied refugee children in the grounds of the school, taking advantage of the municipality-owned playing field and access to water, drainage, and electricity to get the project completed quickly.

Fearing a repeat of the migrant sex attacks on children that have been recorded all over Europe in past months in their own neighbourhood, over 500 concerned citizens in the Swedish town of Haninge attended the meeting in the school hall. As more and more locals piled in, the organisers called in the police to monitor the meeting and handle the crowds, with two van loads of officers appearing as parents and residents spilled over from the school to the car-park outside.

Only residents with properties directly bordering the school field and parents of children at the school had been alerted to the plans at all, prompting a resistance committee to print up fliers for distribution to the wider community. Far from the discussion those attending the meeting were expecting the officials of the municipality announced they had already made the decision to go ahead with construction on Monday, prompting boos and shouts from the audience.

The new migrant buildings would be just meters away from the school, which provides education for 7-15 year olds, and special provision for children with Autism and Down’s Syndrome. (Read more from “Parents Rage After Government Announces Migrant Camp in Grounds of School” HERE)

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  • Loretta

    The ones that pay the bill are the ones who have lost their rights. Insantity reigns

  • If the European governments are putting the comfort of Muslim “immigrants” over the safety of their own citizens, and Obama is doing or trying to do the same thing here, does that not tell you that the powers that be are not just planning a one world government, but a one world government under Muslim Shariah Law? Just saying. Think about it.