Polls for All 12 Super Tuesday States Just Released – They Reveal Something HUGE for This Candidate

When billionaire businessman Donald Trump initially announced his candidacy for president, most political experts did not take him seriously. Some even considered his run for the Whtie House to be a joke . . .

As if to confirm Trump’s validity, polls released from eight states holding primaries on Super Tuesday show him to be in the lead.

In a report from Breitbart, an Alabama poll conducted by Master Image shows Trump ahead with 36 percent, well ahead of Marco Rubio’s 19 percent and Ted Cruz’s 12 percent.

Three separate polls in Georgia all have Trump with commanding leads. The TEGNA/Survey USA poll has Trump with a whopping 45 percent to Rubio’s 19 and Cruz’s 16. The Fox 5 Atlanta poll has Trump at 34 and Rubio and Cruz at 22 percent and 20 percent, respectively. And the WSB-TV/Landmark poll has Trump at 32 percent to Rubio’s 23 percent and Cruz’s 19 percent.

The WBUR poll released a few days ago places Trump’s lead over Rubio in Massachusetts at 40 percent to 19 percent. Kasich also received 19 percent, while Cruz only received 10 percent.

Alaska Dispatch News conducted a Republican poll, which was made public Jan. 23. This poll showed Trump leading Cruz, 27.9 percent to 23.8 percent. Based on the primary victories Trump has had since this poll, his lead may have increased. (Read more from “Polls for All 12 Super Tuesday States Just Released – They Reveal Something HUGE for This Candidate” HERE)

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  • CaptTurbo

    We the People … are so stupid.

    • RC

      Why is that?

    • wandamurline

      Yes they are, they voted Obozo in for eight years, twice.

      • CaptTurbo

        And they learned nothing about voting for a narcissistic populist. Sad.

      • usncb

        And now they will vote for another BOZO, DUMP-TRUMP before it is too late and you’ll have this dick-head following “O”‘s agenda.

      • Daddy Kickass

        and now the stupids will even vote for keg-legs in her homemade baggy pantsuit to cover up her pumpkin butt.

      • Flayer

        Because the stupid ones were so filled with their virtuosity that they thought they’d “show us” and stayed home. Thanks, guys. Don’t do that again, or as my mother said, “cut off your nose to spite your face.

    • usncb

      AMEN !!!!!

  • Bill Meeker

    Yeah, it’s almost as if the People are tired of hiring unqualified unproven folks with no accomplishments and have now decided they want a proven manager with executive skills. I so very wanted Cruz to be my guy but he proved to me he can’t even run his own office effectively. After both parties eliminated successful governors, the only successful executive left is Trump.

    • usncb

      NOT !!!!

    • Bob Trower

      A vote for Trump is as good as two votes for Hillary. Mygan Kelly sent Trump home crying like a baby. Imagine when he starts trying to buck Hillary. Hillary will eat his shorts and tear him to pieces. Trump is a loud mouth lying show clown.
      After the last eight years, one would think we would want an honest, loyal, honorable, serious, America loving person in the White House for a change. Cruz or Rubio or just about anyone else running would fit that bill. Trump is not the answer to our prayers.
      It is looking more like Hillary will be our next President even if she is sitting in jail for her dishonorable service to America.

  • gracentruth

    I am done with politicians, all of them (especially murcow$shit). I live in Alabama. I just voted for Donald J. Trump.

    • usncb

      SORRY ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ArmyCombatVet

        She’s entitled to her opinion and to vote how she pleases, so back off and quit with the CAPS! No more career politicians, felons with a blind constituency! Anyone who votes for these career crooks is responsible for the current state of our nation. Hows the VA working out for you? They sit back while 22 vets a day are committing suicide thanks to our criminal Senators and Congressmen and even more so with that POS squatting in our former White House. When I was in we had a competent VA who saved my butt and many of my brothers! The only thing sorry is you!

    • Bob Trower

      That is certainly not anything to brag about. I am sorry for you and anyone else that has no idea why they even bothered to vote.

  • Charlotte Whitaker

    I hope Trump wins.We need to step away from the old politic We need this bad.They have screw America and her people.. The old politic has let Obama destroy our country.Wake up and vote for Trump.

  • Bob Trower

    It is so sad to see Americans being fooled by a very spoiled, poor little rich boy that has always got his way. When he can’t even handle Mygan Kelly. Imagine him sitting across the bargaining table from Putin. Putin will send him out of the room crying. Trump is a buffoon.
    One would think, after the last eight years, we would be smart enough to vote for an honorable person the loves and understand the Constitution of America. Ted Cruz is that man.

  • Bob Trower

    Acting stupid and calling people names does not make a great president. Trump is a pathological liar. Will say and do anything and i mean anything to get ahead. Making fun of and lying about Cruz and Rubio dose not make him a good President.

  • Paul

    I read the below comments from the readers and it is amazing how this government has managed to split the people as per their below comments. I have news for all of you; politicians are the ones destroying our nation and separating the people, regardless or party affiliation. We positively need an outsider to teach them a lesson. The lesson is simple – we are sick of this government and their failure to listen to the people. The only time they care about us is during election. That is, until such a time they figure out how to manipulate the polls/votes and won’t need us anymore. I don’t care if it is Trump or the guy that picks up my trash, I have little respect for all of them. I will vote for any outsider just to send a message to ALL politicians – we’ve had enough of your crap. GO TRUMP (or my trash guy)!