Revealed: The GOP Candidate the Establishment Wants out of the Race

By Jack Davis. In one of the latest strategies from a Republican establishment trying to find the right combination of factors to stop presidential candidate Donald Trump, subtle and public pressure is being applied to convince Ohio Gov. John Kasich to drop out of the race.

The concept is that with fewer candidates, Trump foes will outnumber his loyalists and Trump will not win the nomination

There’s one problem: Kasich isn’t going away.

“I’m going to stay in for a long time,” Kasich said. “I’m going all the way” . . .

Polls in the upcoming Super Tuesday voting show Kasich trailing. However, Kasich’s home state of Ohio votes March 15. If Kasich were to win the winner-take-all contest, he would amass 66 delegates.

“They thought we would have a nominee by some point in March. This is going to be a race that’s going to go much deeper into the calendar,” Kasich strategist John Weaver told reporters Saturday. “The Kasich brand of being uplifting and inclusive, of having a conservative reform agenda that can be enacted and can be positive is a growing force in national politics. (Read more from “Revealed: The GOP Candidate the Establishment Wants out of the Race” HERE)


Kasich: ‘Nobody’s Gonna Win but Trump’ Next Week

By The Daily Beast. Shortly after Thursday night’s debate, Gov. John Kasich said that “Nobody’s gonna win but Trump” in the Republican presidential candidates’ battle on Super Tuesday. He qualified that estimate when asked about Ted Cruz’s chances in his home state of Texas—one of the 12 states voting in primaries next week.

(Read more from “Kasich: ‘Nobody’s Gonna Win but Trump’ Next Week” HERE)

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  • Daninfla6th

    What is truly hypocritical, yet funny, is that the GOPe (GOP elite) crammed as many candidates as possible into the “race” so that their fair haired anointed one, Jeb, could get the nomination with 20% of the vote.
    What goes around, comes around.

    Live with it (or Bernie or Hillary)!

    You caused it!

    • RWS

      The Republican party bosses are much, much weaker than the Democratic party bosses — and always have been, even in late nineteenth century. That’s what happens in a party which historically has relied upon independent thinking men and women from the broad (well, formerly broad) American middle class (in contrast with the Democrats’ alliance of the richest parts of society with the poorest, with a sprinkling of semi-intellectual voters): there are only a hundred and fifty or so “super delegates” to the Republican nominating convention, while the Democratic party bosses have nearly two thousands.

      • cheetosareus

        The nation used to be well informed but now information is not important to the voters as evidenced by the election of Barack Hussein Obama twice. The only thing that appeals to the majority now is rude, bombastic attacks and promises, promises, promises. If we elect the wrong Republican it will be Obama with an “R” and you can kiss Jobs, jobs, jobs goodbye.

      • Daninfla6th

        Thank You, RWS!
        I have received many intelligent and well thought out responses to my various comments, BUT yours tops them all.
        I hope and pray that many, many Republican (in the truest sense of the word) voters read and absorb your reply!
        Thanks again.

      • Effie

        Yes of course and their all criminals !!!!!!!!!! Cheat, lie ,steal to get what they want ………..

    • Bob Trower

      Idiot! The GOP Elite had nothing to do with who is running. It is shameful that the Democrats couldn’t come up with one American that could make them proud. Bernie nor Hillary sure won’t do it if elected.

  • obamasux

    “Did you know my Dad was a mailman?” Give me a break and run with Hillary!

  • CaptTurbo

    So Kasich is working for Trump. What a guy.

    • reggiec

      Yep, stay in, split the vote and if Trump wins, get included in his administration (maybe the VP spot).

  • THESE POITICIANS WITH THEIR HEART WARMING STORIES. Remember John Edwards the family man? He was bragging how once he unloaded a truck in South Carolina. Big deal I unloaded in New York a truck with South Carolina plates by myself. I was almost finished but the driver came to. It’s Trump or never.

  • cheetosareus

    Kasich wants to be VP but he’s going to have to fight Cristi. The hunch back vs the fat guy who ate New Jersey.

    • CSN

      Too funny. Fat guy who ate New Jersey.

  • Nam1

    Their stubbornness and the people’s disgust in them will provide the pushing force that will give Trump the nomination… They just don’t get it.

  • Linda

    In the Old Testament God used an ass to speak. Is it possible He is using another one in the form of Trump ?

    • Bob Trower

      For certain. If people would really LISTEN TO TRUMP. He really says NOTHING. Except nasty things about his fellow Republicans. He couldn’t make a good pimple on Cruz or Rubio ‘ s butt.

      • Linda

        Now, Now, he surely could make a “black-head” on Cruz butt. ha ha
        Cruz is my man. Rubio, not so sure he is honest. Carson would be my next pick.

        • Bob Trower

          BLACK-head????? I’m sure that is a racist remark. You should be ashamed. There will probably be demonstrators on your lawn to night. ;0)

          • Linda

            Ooops, I really intended to say “white head” , ha ha

  • Bob Trower

    It is sad that Americans don’t see Trump for the buffoon that he is. Spoiled little rich kid that has always got his way. Loud, rude and obnoxious. Anyone that believes he can get Mexico to build a fence, deport 12 million illegals, bring jobs from China, also believe in Santa.

    • Wm Reed

      I believe in Santa, and Donald Trump 2016 😛

    • Effie

      YOU’D better hope he gets in B/C IT’S THE LAST CHANCE TO SAVE AMERICA !!!! WHERE YOU GOING AFTER THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bob Trower

        I would rather have him than Hillary. But, Cruz or Rubio would be much better. Trump is not magic.

    • Naturalism

      Forget about the stupid fence or big hollow talk about Mexico paying for it. Trump has promised to institute a torture regime. Trump has called for closing down mosques, the most obvious possible example of religious persecution.

  • Betsy Ross

    This man needs to drop out now. He isn’t even on life support at this point. Just another big ego.

  • Wm Reed

    I think it’s a messed up system when Alaskans votes don’t matter in national elections. The race is already decided long before we get to vote. What a crock of chit man.

  • trp878

    I’d guess Kasich doesn’t even carry Ohio. Done nothing good for Ohio. Supports Common Core and other things. Bad news bear

  • Naturalism

    Trump supporters are such fervent watchdogs of conspiracies and hidden agendas, I’m totally blown away that they haven’t figure out yet that Trump is a manchurian candidate for the Dems. He’s a plant, a mook paid under the table to disrupt the Republican race and drive out all the talent.

  • CSN

    Herman Cain made some very astute points about the lashings that were from the mouth of elitist Mitt Romney. If you can listen to his program I would advise to do so. Mitt Romney supports amnesty for illegals, and speaks Spanish. The fact remains, they’re getting money from large corporations who want cheap labor. Take away the back pocket money and amnesty would go away.