Rubio/Fox News Axis Exposed

There is more than one con man in this race for president.

Most certainly we can say that Trump’s supporters erroneously think he is Jeff Sessions on immigration and a conservative on some other issues, but even most of Rubio’s supporters have no idea how committed their candidate is to open borders. Rubio gets up at every debate and feigns outrage over the border and completely lies about his past. He has even said that his amnesty bill was never designed to pass.

Anyone who fought this issue at the time remembers that Rubio promoted this bill with a presidential campaign-style media battle. The notion that he didn’t fight for open borders is as false as the notion that Rubio was responsible for getting rid of the “risk corridors” bailout in Obamacare. Now the New York Times is reporting that Rubio and Schumer collaborated with Fox News to lie to conservatives about the immigration bill in a full-throttle effort to get the bill passed:

A few weeks after Senator Marco Rubio joined a bipartisan push for an immigration overhaul in 2013, he arrived alongside Senator Chuck Schumer at the executive dining room of News Corporation’s Manhattan headquarters for dinner.

Their mission was to persuade Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the media empire, and Roger Ailes, the chairman and chief executive of its Fox News division, to keep the network’s on-air personalities from savaging the legislation and give it a fighting chance at survival.

Mr. Murdoch, an advocate of immigration reform, and Mr. Ailes, his top lieutenant and the most powerful man in conservative television, agreed at the Jan. 17, 2013, meeting to give the senators some breathing room.

Rubio left no stone unturned in trying to champion Obama’s immigration agenda and register 20 million new Democratic voters at a time when Obama was inviting the newest border crisis.

Unfortunately, the one man who actually fought amnesty is now sandwiched between two con men that refuse to follow the honorable example of Jeb Bush and run on the veracity of their true convictions.

Let’s remember, no candidate will ever run in a primary openly supporting amnesty, lest they suffer the fate of Jeb Bush.

Well, who better than the owner of Fox News himself to reveal to us who he trusts to implement their agenda, the agenda revealed in the New York Times article.

It comes as no surprise that Murdoch would cheer on Rubio and Kasich. But notice how he added Trump to the list of those he deems acceptable in a general election. Guess who was left off that list? The one man the entire establishment hates and views as an existential threat to their existence: Ted Cruz.

It’s up to conservatives to be discerning as to which candidate will actually remain faithful to the conservative message the day after the primaries are over. Anyone who is tired of the political establishment and its puppet masters should look carefully at the actions of Fox leadership; it won’t be too hard to ascertain whom they really fear.

Pro tip: If the people we are fighting don’t really fear your candidate, they probably have good reason. (For more from the author of “Rubio/Fox News Axis Exposed” please click HERE)

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  • pjk40

    When Trump says to Cruz, “You don’t even have one sitting senator supporting you”, you KNOW it’s because Cruz is always fighting against the usual mentality of our politicians to just “go along to get along”.

    Trump is actually giving people one more reason to support Ted Cruz.

  • wandamurline

    My only concern is that Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born citizen as he was born to a Cuban immigrant and an American wife in Canada….but, then again, Rubio is NOT a natural born citizen as he was born to two non-citizens in America, anchor baby he would be….both are naturalized. I guess it is as Hillary says “At this point what does it matter?”….we already have a naturalized (maybe not even a citizen as he was adopted by Sorento and had an Indonesian citizenship) … not a natural born serving as president. If Obozo were found to have been born in Kenya where I believe he was, then he and Cruz would both be the same….American mother, non-citizen father, born in a foreign country.

  • Daninfla6th

    As a FOX News fan since 1996 it was easy for me to see the change from “fair and balanced” to moderately leftist Progressive. This most especially over the last four years as the intelligent conservatives began to make waves for the GOPe. Watching far less now of the “Bushman” Cavuto and all the rest of the Tweedledee – Tweedledum lackeys of Rupert and Roger.