Rush Limbaugh Just Nailed What the REAL Problem With the Super Bowl Halftime Show Was

For conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh, a political discussion can often dovetail with his passion for professional football. Following a controversial halftime show during Sunday’s Super Bowl, Limbaugh had the opportunity to merge the two subjects for a segment of his program on Monday.

“I’ll tell you, the observation is this,” Limbaugh said. “You have in the Super Bowl, you have the pregame, which features the anthem with a giant American flag spread out over the entire field. You have the military, uniformed military all over the place. You have an Air Force or Navy, not sure which, fly by after the anthem” . . .

In stark contrast to that opening program, he argued, was a halftime performance by Beyonce that some critics found to be politically charged and anti-police. This dichotomy, however, has been present in Super Bowls past, according to Limbaugh’s theory on the matter.

“So you have the traditional pro-America, patriotic, out-of-this world pregame show,” he said, “and then you get to the halftime of the Super Bowl. And what the halftime show of the Super Bowl is, to me anyway, is representative of the cultural decay and the political decay and the social rot that is befalling our country.” (Read more from “Rush Limbaugh Just Nailed What the REAL Problem With the Super Bowl Halftime Show Was” HERE)

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  • TruthToBeTold

    The half time show had a gay agenda full of rainbow colors and gayness.

    What about the anti-American PayPal commercial that showed the Founding Fathers as old news and as “those guys?”

  • leewacker

    From what I saw of the entire shebang was that there are far too many “celebrities” in this country, and not enough REAL talented people! I would much rather watch marching bands rather than some stupid, of-key “singer,” who is obviously very biased against the VERY people SHE would call upon should trouble come!
    The BEST solution would be to ban Super Bowls entirely, as well as pro games–obscenely paid grown-ups playing a child’s game! If they want to show what men they are, they should join the military, but far too many are cowards and pansies!

    • 1936benz

      Professional sports resembles nothing more than mosquitoes bouncing against a window. Watching paint dry would be far more entertaining.

  • bbb

    Ironic that most of the players in the NFL are black Americans. When regular ol’ folks like me decide that this is the last time to watch the Super Bowl because of the tribute to violence, hatred, anger, aggression, and anti-American social decay the viewers will dwindle and fade away. Baseball was nearly destroyed by drugs, cheating and media colorations. When will we ever learn that it is still okay for Americans to think for themselves? And I like America, I like law enforcement and I like a justice system that protects home, families and work places. It is too disgusting to watch the Super Bowl and I did not for a couple years. I gave it another chance because I live in Colorado. Never again.

  • wandamurline

    Abolish the half time show and have something else in its place….except for a couple of time when they had country western entertainment (who are very patriotic) and last year’s Katie Perry….we have Janet Jackson’s boob presented to our kids and Sunday, we had (well I cannot say the word on the social net) person showing her band as Black Panthers and Malcom X….it was disgusting….but then again, she is disgusting anyways along with her disgusting husband who is always interrupting the awards show saying that whitie should not be getting the award, that his wife should be getting the award. Typical cesspool entertainers.

  • liberty49

    I remember when the half-time show was decent and performed by people with talent. It is now not fit for human viewing, particularly young people. Now it is just a showcase for just how depraved some entertainers have become. They have sold their souls to the devil and gotten nothing in return.

  • dennykray

    Yep. Don’t allow your kids to watch the half time shows.

    • 1936benz

      Go even further, and teach them that a bunch of adult men fighting over a ball contributes nothing to our country. Better to teach them that we’re more than animals, and that intellectual success combined with love for God, family, and country is what counts.

  • Joey Smith

    I rarely watch the NFL any more because of the cultural rot on and off the field. Also, they keep stopping play to switch to commercials.

    When I do watch a game, I put the TV on record then start watching half an hour after it begins and flip it forward whenever they start putting on their commercials.

  • TruthSeeker

    Bread and circuses – – Just to keep the sheeple quiet and comatose – – So what else is new???