Watch: People Noticed 1 Thing All the GOP Candidates Agreed On- It Might Worry Some Americans

By Randy DeSoto. All five Republican candidates side with the FBI over Apple in the stand off regarding gaining access to San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook’s iPhone.

At the GOP debate in Houston on Thursday night all the candidates but Donald Trump were asked whether, as president, they would force Apple to comply with a court order to assist the FBI in gaining access to the cell phone.

As reported by Western Journalism, Apple CEO Tim Cook has claimed the FBI wants his company to create a “backdoor” into the phone’s operating system, which he argues would potentially compromise the security of all iPhone users.

The government has responded that it only wants the company to disable the self-destruct software, so investigators can use its tools to ascertain the password to gain access to the phone’s data.

Trump has called for a boycott of Apple until it complies with the court order. “We gotta get to the bottom of [the San Bernardino shooting], but we’re not going to get to the bottom of it unless we use common sense,” Trump said at campaign event last week. “So I like the idea of boycotting Apple until such time as they give that information – I think that’s a great idea.”

His four GOP rivals also stated that Apple should comply with the order. Sen. Marco Rubio noted at Thursday’s GOP debate that the phone did not even belong to Farook, but to the government. “[A]ll they’re asking [Apple] to do is to disable the self-destruct mode or the auto-erase mode on one phone in the entire world. But Apple doesn’t want to do it because they think it hurts their brand,” the senator said. (Read more from “Watch: People Noticed 1 Thing All the GOP Candidates Agreed On- It Might Worry Some Americans” HERE)


Desperate Towel-Snapping as GOP Candidates Try to Take Down Trump

By Cathleen Decker. Desperation spoke, and loudly, at Thursday’s Republican presidential debate.

Acting as if they had just discovered reams of opposition research that had lain unnoticed, Donald Trump’s biggest challengers, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, knocked into the New York billionaire repeatedly, and he responded in kind.

The exchanges descended for long periods into a biting, interrupting, mocking locker-room-style smackdown, the sound of towel snapping replaced by shrieks from the partisan crowd.

The shock of the debate was not that Rubio and Cruz went after Trump, but that it took them until the end of February, after Trump had notched successive victories, to decide to take him on. The reality, however, is that Trump has rarely been hurt by debates, and it was unclear whether the tag team of the two senators was able to damage him meaningfully at this relatively advanced stage of the campaign. (Read more from “Desperate Towel-Snapping as GOP Candidates Try to Take Down Trump” HERE)

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  • Nam1

    Some years back Apple was told by the government to put safeguards into the iPhone to protect consumers against the then practice of assaulting owners and robbing them of their phones. Now they want Apple to circumvent those safeguards thus putting the public at a new level of risk… If there is a moral to this unfolding story it’s NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.

    • chex

      Agreed. If Apple can unlock the phone and provide the information needed, fine. But, they should not provide to the government a means of unlocking any phone they wish. If the FBI needs the data from this phone, they can just ask NSA who has every electronic communication recorded in their vault.

      • Nam1

        There’s more to this then meets the eye, and it has more to do with CONTOL, and less on safety.

        • pbob67

          You are absolutely right… and the Government don’t need the means to snoop more than what they already do…

          • Nam1

            They force one company to heel, how many more in the name of so called safety.

  • Retiree2005

    The government could prevent the violence by stopping ALL immigration for 10 years while we assimilate those who have come here already. Taking down a phone security system is not the way to fix the problem. Stay strong Apple!