Watch The Moment Bill Clinton Totally Loses It Over 1 Question These Protesters Ask About Hillary

Former President Bill Clinton became angry when he was heckled by protesters during a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday.

The protesters demanded to know if his wife Hillary Clinton lied about the four American deaths that occurred during the attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

A man claiming to be a military veteran began talking about the Veterans Administration and the former president appeared to grow impatient with the man.

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton asked.

The man responded that he’s seen Gold Star families “who have mourned.” (Read more from “Watch the Moment Bill Clinton Totally Loses It Over 1 Question These Protesters Ask About Hillary” HERE)

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  • Nate

    This is so awesome. Never would I have believed one day I would see members of our military screaming at Bill Clinton. The best part is seeing the shock and outrage on the faces of the Clintonites when “She Lied!” gets yelled out. 🙂

  • georgev

    The families of those soldiers should show up at every event that these criminals the Clintons speak at and present this exact same way.
    They need to have their nose rubbed in the Benghazi story until they can’t stand it anymore.
    Effing scumbags.

  • Kendrix

    Did you see in this video the STUPID people there in SUPPORT of HELLARY and SLEZEY BILL.. That’s why our country is so MESED up.. YOU CAN FIX STUPID.. AND THIS BUNCH ARE.

  • trp878

    No good now & never was. Total disgrace as President of the US

  • PCS

    They don’t need to ask if she lied. It is a matter of record that she flat out LIED to the American people, the victim’s familys, and at the hearings. When the family members said Hillary told them it was because of the video, she called them liars. Both Clintons are scumbags and anyone who votes for that lying witch is a moron. A woman pres.= yes, a greedy lying crook=no.

  • SF soldier

    The Clinton’s are scum bag hippies from the 60’s, they only care about themselves and nothing else! He never served a a day in the real service of our country. He did nothing for this country when he was president except fondle young woman within his reach!

  • KayDeeBeau

    If Hitlery was speaking – she was lying

  • TruthSeeker

    The DC Criminals are sticking together to continue their rape of USA

  • CSN

    He never did answer their question about Hillary and Benghazi. She armed the militants. Benghazi had to do with gun running.

  • reggiec

    It was not a video that killed our people in Benghazi; it was most likely the email Hillary sent that identified where Ambassador Stevens was in Libya.