Watch: Undercover Journalists Reveal Rampant Vote Fraud in US Primary

The 2016 United States presidential primary started with last week’s caucuses in Iowa, and has continued this week in New Hampshire–but not without controversy.

As Western Journalism reported, much controversy exists over the caucus results from Iowa. And now, more controversy is emerging from the Granite State.

Undercover journalists from Project Veritas Action, armed with hidden video cameras, captured state election officials, campaign officials, and campaign workers in what one could say borders on voter fraud . . .

In another revealing conversation, Donna Waterman (a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer) confessed that even out-of-state campaign workers vote in the New Hampshire primary. “All of our paid canvassers have done it, It’s very, very, easy.” Continuing on, Waterman added: “I don’t know the legality of it. Perhaps it’s voter fraud.”

James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas Action, then confronted a few of the individuals seen in the video; but mum was the reaction he received, even being told to leave at one point.

It appears, from the different answers to the residency questions, that no one interviewed really seemed to know how long one had to have been a resident of New Hampshire in order to vote; and no one seemed to know how long one had to stay in the state for their vote to have been valid. Likewise, no one appeared to be concerned with issues of voter identification. (Read more from “Watch: Undercover Journalists Reveal the Scary Truth About U.S. Elections” HERE)

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  • Charles

    If you want to vote Dumocrat, you can live anywhere, even in a grave !!!


      Including all your pets

      • usncb

        AH YES, The CHICAGO way is to vote early and vote often !!! Signed the WH halfbreed, he be frum chi-town.

  • pFeather

    There’s very likely voter fraud here but the election officials don’t know their own laws or requirements for voting. The election judges were uneducated and poorly trained in election rules which opens the door to voter fraud. But I’m from Illinois and we elect politicians with dead people. We are the leaders in voter fraud.

  • mginsd

    Kudos to Project Veritas for this excellent piece of investigative reporting. Now, good luck getting it aired in any of the MSM media or press.

  • CSN

    If you go to Iowa State Website and view how many registered Democrats and how many voted, you’ll get an idea of fraud. You can do the same for New Hampshire. For Democrats….remember that every vote counts, even if you’re dead, have already voted six times, and crossed borders, while having multiple registrations in every state.

  • TruthSeeker

    Computer hack job – tweak the program and rig who will win – – Keep moving folks – – nothing to here to see….