Watch: What Rubio And Cruz Were Caught Doing During Debate Commercial Break Has People Talking

By Jim Hoft. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were caught shaking hands in front of Trump during a commercial break at last night’s CNN GOP debate.

The two freshmen senators took on front-runner Donald Trump last night at the CNN GOP debate.

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Marco Rubio Mocks Donald Trump for ‘Wet’ Pants

By Tal Kopan. Riding high off a strong debate performance, Marco Rubio went after Donald Trump on Friday with new vigor — even mocking the real estate mogul for worrying that his pants were “wet” Thursday night at the CNN GOP debate.

The Florida senator spent the first roughly 10 minutes of his rally in Dallas, Texas, on Friday morning relentlessly attacking Trump, including reading off misspelled tweets and turning Trump’s attacks back on the reality TV star.

“He called me Mr. Meltdown,” Rubio said, smiling and saying that Thursday night during the commercial breaks, “he went backstage, he was having a meltdown.” (Read more from “Marco Rubio Mocks Donald Trump for ‘Wet’ Pants” HERE)

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  • Russ

    The more I read about this “child” Rubio the more he makes me sick to my stomach. Sure made me laugh when Christy endorsed Trump. I thought rubric’s cube was gonna’ faint. It was a real treat to watch. Rubio for getto punk, Trump for President!!! 2016!!

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Well for gosh sake people. Now that the GOP power brokers lost their fair haired boy Jebb Bush, they now have chosen Rubio to be the candidate. That is why they are throwing everything they can at Trump. These power brokers do not want the rank and file members of the party choosing the candidate. The power brokers want to do that, just like they did when the ran McCain.

  • azrajo

    That picture with the both of them almost rubbing noses makes my stomach turn.