White Students Undergo Weekly ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ Program at College

White college students are undergoing a weekly “deconstructing whiteness” program at Northwestern University.

The “6-part workshop series for undergraduate students who self-identify as white” launched in January and runs through March, according to the university’s website. Students enrolled chose to do so – it is voluntary.

A spokesman for the prestigious private university located outside Chicago declined to give The College Fix details on the program, such as how many students enrolled and how it’s been received so far.

“It’s part of Northwestern’s Social Justice Education effort to create learning opportunities for our students,” Bob Rowley, a spokesman for the campus, told The College Fix in an email, providing a link to the social justice webpage and adding: “Beyond that, we don’t have anything more for you on it.”

According to a report in the campus newspaper, the workshops focus on “terminology used in conversations of race, the history and meaning of whiteness, white guilt and the difference between intellectualizing and feeling racism.” (Read more from “White Students Undergo Weekly ‘Deconstructing Whiteness’ Program at College” HERE)

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  • St. James

    There is no such thing as black and white people! Melanin is true color of all people=brown. Perpetual lie is taught for division and destruction of American. United we are the same color, all, divided we fit in neat little boxes of envy. Why do we let the lies continue? We are a sick culture of denial of the truth of God. Race=remove American causes envy, period!

  • Kent2012

    it is past time to scour the scum out of the administrations and the teaching staff of our Real American taxpayer supported halls of academia….the indoctrination and the outright hatred of America should be highlighted on the nightly news….it would be if the talking head jobs were Real Americans instead of commies in sheep’s clothing….

    • wandamurline

      Unfortunately, the alphabet news is worse than the administrators. The news lies about everything.

      • Kent2012

        very true, what should be the ever vigilant eyes and ears of a free society has turned out to street protesters, like kenyan boyo, with the difference being where they spout their BS…of course the parasites , the no information voters, the coffee shop socialists, and the brain dead democrapos will support the scum suckers no matter what…