Ben Carson Just Revealed Who He’s Endorsing

Days after former GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina made her endorsement of Ted Cruz official, another one-time contender has made a decidedly less formal pronouncement of support for unconventional front-runner Donald Trump. Dr. Ben Carson, who enjoyed a tentatively cordial relationship with Trump during the first leg of the election season, said in a Fox News Radio interview on Thursday that he is “leaning” toward endorsing the brash billionaire.

When Carson began surging in the polls late last year, however, the friendship soured as Trump repeatedly and emphatically challenged his rival’s autobiography.

In attempting to make the case for Trump, Carson did not rely on public statements. Instead, he tried to reassure concerned voters that Trump is not always the controversial character they see during debates and campaign rallies.

“There are two Donald Trumps,” the retired neurosurgeon declared.

One, he explained, is the “entertainer” Americans see “on television” and “in front of big audiences.”

In private, however, Carson described “a thinking individual” who is ready to admit that “he doesn’t have all the answers.” (Read more from “Ben Carson Just Revealed Who He’s Endorsing” HERE)

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  • Silverback

    Considering Trump eviscerated Carson during the campaign, unjustly, and the fact, I assume, Carson is a Christian and Trump is kinda ala carte christian, it doesn’t make since Carson would endorse Trump over Cruz. Unless you factor in Trump made Carson ( a psychopath) a deal for some position. Which if the case makes Carson a tool and a huuge disappointment.

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Your not in a position call to anyone names and calling Carson, a gifted neurosurgeon, who saved many child’s life and a committed man of God a psychopath is a clear case of transference! Your one sick puppy and signing on with the name of a species of mountain gorilla is an insult to a noble animal! Any competition in life is hard fought and often not the most friendly like in sports but at the end of the encounter there are high fives and hand shakes. Crawl back under your rock and grow up!

  • Russ

    This was a great boost for Mr. Trump. I remember back a few debates ago Mr. Carson stated that he would entertain a VP position with Trump. Trump could do worse. Good for you Mr. Carson. Trump 2016!!